Couple Months With The Canon Rebel t6 (Review)

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Quick video of the Canon Rebel t6!

Is it good enough for Youtube? Sound off in the comment section below…….

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Thank you so much I almost bought this to do my YouTube stuff 😢😢 Glad I watched thank you so much INTRODUCTION TO MY NEW CHANNEL check me out tell me what u think

Knight 11692 says:

I would go with the Nikon D5600 DX over this camera any day of the week.

D TAYLOR says:

What camera then?

Jamaica Social says:

So which camera do recommend for photos and video under $500?

Byrum Slaughter says:

Thank you for the advice on the 50mm lens it is amazing

steve Berkley says:


Moejii - says:

Videos honestly aren't as bad as TG is repping them out to be especially in good lightning. If u change the iso to 16000 at night time u get rid of the noise in the night time, I took perfectly good videos. This is a entry level DSLR that's wat ur not telling people

Kevin Toledo says:

So If o shoot videos with good light and buy a mic This is a good câmera for video ?

Andrew Swango says:

I’ve had my T6 for a year. I do a lot of landscape photography as well as some portrait and occasional macro. I would recommend upgrading lenses to something with wider aperture (lower f-stop number) and also image stabilization. It does pretty good with video, but there are others setup better for studio video work. It only has one mic built in vs the 2 on the t6i. This is a camera for photography. And with a little lens upgrade, it takes awesome pics. I’ll be keeping mine. Maybe the day will come that I can outshoot this camera and want something with more features, but for now it’s the one for me.

Hazel Jayy says:

You are funny! Your video helped too!

Joshua Miller says:

Personally I use the 75-300 more but that's just me.

Andrew Milton says:

Why can’t your t6 record noise but mine can?

Graham Miller says:

I think you got ripped off for that 50mm most places it’s only$125

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