Cop Cam Review: As Seen on TV Security Cam

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Cop Cam is compact, wireless As Seen on TV security camera. Today I put it to the test to see if it works!

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Mike L says:

Really? 16 minutes of lip flappin' that says nothing? Get a job.

Yvette Lee says:

I would get mad and step on it

Ohioians Coasters says:

Well I guess you can expect that from a $20 camera

Hamster Dance says:

Thanos that's all I can say.

Brotato Chip says:

13:36 Thanos before excersizing.


Your absolutely right I've had the same problems. Totally Unreliable I'm going to get my money back and see how much trouble they give me then.

ozzieboy007 says:

There should be a file in the directory called Timestamp.txt or Time.txt (or something similar to that) You set the date and time by changing the contents of that file.

Digital JP says:

Good video bad cop cam lol

A dab of everything says:

The motion detection works perfectly indoors mounted on a wall high up close to the ceiling pointed down and it will turn on every single time anyone or any animal enters the room. But i do have problems with viewing the videos on the computer too.

Herbert Miller says:

I care about the environment. Look at the packaging around the product it's 80% waste.
This kind of packaging is designed to grab store shelf space making it more appealing to the eye while wasting resources.

julio cordoba says:


Dãrth Vader says:

Who came here from Danny's channel

Carla Was Here says:

Here we have a rare glimpse of Voldemort with his nose

Carla Was Here says:

Purple Is The New Black

J.R. Zippie says:

great review….glad i saw this….would NOT buy it….Thanks….

Mahbad Abdulla says:

Who came here from Danny’s channel

brock obama says:

This is so fake he just recorded with his android

BubbaTheBulldog says:

Crappy camera and boring human

Raymond Trendle says:

I was foolish enough to even purchase the accessories to it – what a waste. Never got it to record long enough to even put a dent in the extended card. No, I wouldn't recommend it either. Another fluff item that does not perform as advertised. Beware of the scam.

Zuelanda says:

At 2:41 does he say "oh my fuck" or am I crazy?

MR. Delahoya says:

Thank you for the review i didnt want to buy somthing that doesnt work like i want it to

ComPrt3 says:

There is a way to change the date & timestamp, but you'll need to connect this camera to your computer and access the camera's file directory. You have to access and edit or create a text (i.e. – time.txt) file. I can't say what the file name will actually be because different companies use different names, but it normally is always a txt file. Now once you are in the file, you simply edit the information to reflect your current time and date. Should be as simple as that.
Now take in mind I have never used or owned one of these "cop cams", but my experience comes from working with other similar cameras with this same issue.

vicaras1 says:

Got one for a shady neighbor and it's crap ! Don't get it

john oshea says:

just seen this cam in wall-mart discount bin thanks, ill keep looking.going to ask a cop about what they use.

mike ashford says:

I agree with you totally every point you made is true and to the point.. as it took me two weeks to charge my cop cam up to get it to record and it is nothing in reality that it is made out to be on T.V. and I got the 32 gb. chip… keep up your reviews ………

D Blackwell says:

Oh crap!!! Cop 's-cam is not as it should be. One person got ripped off paying a larger amount. This review was spot on and easy to understand. I have a tac cam almost like this one with the same problems. I cannot get it to record. Maybe it was because I charged in the wall, and not on the computer. They have a lot of work to do to make these tiny camera's work. Love Bailey.

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