CNET Top 5 – Compact cameras for advanced shooters

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Bhabani Sankar Mishra says:

no view finder, not a camera

John Cantrell says:

Even though it is a few years old now, I still like my pentax mx-1. Really good performance for the money.

Deckard Shaw says:

Silly review. All are extr. Expensive and no real alternative for a phonecam. Which are getting better by the day. 60×90 enlargements no problem on my oneplus 3t.

senthil arumugam says:

Sony sucks, though it has the best specs, the battery is crap. My RX100 discharges without been used. and there is no solution. I would never ever buy another sony.

Aeneas says:

You can't pick holes in that review, it did exactly what it said on the tin!

locator 422 says:

erm is that a wig

dcdcdcdcdcd says:

Nice to see the Canon G15 on this list. I just got the G16 and am having a lot of fun with it. The WI-FI is nice too.

verfed says:

Nice to see the Canon G15 on this list. I just got the G16 and am having a lot of fun with it. The WI-FI is nice too.

e. det says:

wht a good cheap compact camera for casual shooting

no name says:

Absolutely no mention of the Olympus Pen products? Arguably one of the smallest, yet very advanced, high-image-quality, yet most reasonably priced offerings is/was the Olympus E-pm1 (Pen Mini). I traded in a $1500 DSLR and bought the Pen Mini for about $500 and couldn't be happier. I realize this is now a few years later but the Olympus Pen series is still running STRONG and still has some of the best bang-for-the-buck advanced camera offerings on the market.

Pepe Le Pew says:

Went from a d3200 kit and a amateur strobist kit to an eos m, haven't regret even a bit

ibanezrg470 says:

Tramp stamps don't count lol.

MrVoayer says:

Good compilation and an amusing presenter!
Well done!!!

darwiniandude says:

Love my Fuji X100

x7stringinJSCx says:

Leica M3. 

exwhyz33 says:

$600 is definitely NOT 'affordable' !!

BeCreative says:

right but I got a lot of problems with rx100!!!!!!!!! 

St. Francis Cainta says:

RX100 also has very good video that runs around the video quality of all the cameras on the list. 

Cliff for #1 says:

No way is a camera with a x3.6 zoom the best camera.

Grant Brown says:

great review donald.  and, nice comic timing!

RufusLeakin says:

DSC RX-1 is $2,669? I'd rather go with the new Sony A7 with a full frame sensor for $1,699 then add my own lens. Better deal!

espacho says:

@ adrian balint, because it does actually have a full frame sensor. Hence the high price.

Enrico Forlini says:

No Ricoh GR?

adrian balint says:

why does he say full frame profesional senzor, he's going to confuse people that they have a full frame senzor.. stupid marketing

Archetype00 says:

2.7k for a compact camera? Hell no you fucking insane? You could nearly get a 5D Mark III for that. Point of getting a compact camera is for it to be an effective high quality shooter for a low price.

Naeemah Sabree says:

Graduate from instagram lol

Choco Thunder says:

Suggestion you should include the info of the cropped factor inherent to different camera.

ryan hennessy says:

I love my x10

Viorel Holhos says:

I was shure that the rx100 will be first its awesome guys what do you want more… hey wait can you give one away

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