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I had the chance to try out the Sony RX1R II last week while I was in New York. This is a top-of-the-line camera from Sony which features a compact body paired with a 42 megapixel sensor and fixed 35mm f/2 lens.

This is probably the best camera in terms of image quality that I have used to date. The highlight for me is the impressive 35mm lens which is way more versatile and has much better range than I expected it to have.

Though its missing a few features for video, this is an extremely impressive camera from Sony. Now if I can just figure out a way to actually buy one…

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St Jack Photography says:

Good review, when people ask me on the street why I use THAT camera, suspicious whether it is a FF, I always want to play this video, even though the video doesn't say a whole lot of why it is so great for street work.

Emanuel Vlaicu says:

How fast is it?
Can you shoot moving objects reliably?

Jeffrey Yam says:

Is it still worth it now that we are at the end of 2018???

pinkeye00 says:

What is "sharpness" these days …

photomorti says:

i just wish it had a build in evf

Morris Gabo says:

it would have been a very interesting camera if that focal lenth was a 28mm , 4k video and a tilt touch screen that you can adjust focus with and shot photos with and a lower price …….

Builder says:

Good review! The reason I'm watching it: The RX100 VI's new lens and drastically diminished low light capability has taken away my upgrade path.
Having the mark 4, I could still buy last year's mark 5 to get the improved AF, but – the mark 6 issue got me looking around…
A used RX1R II seems like it might be an option…

Richard Jones says:

Ted….. this video has been done a long time ago. I’ve sold all my Nikon gear (d750) and I’m looking for a simple carry around in your bag/pocket camera and now a used Sony RX1m2 or a X100f its a bit of a nightmare….

Kevin Bruff says:

Thank you kindly for this review, would you mind helping me to understand what are some of the key reasons for this style of photographic equipment?

Edwin Guzman says:

If you like this one, Try the Fuji x100F!

Claudiu Daramus says:

the vlogging capabilities of this camera are pretty much mind-blowing, just look at that bokeh

AmbiencePT says:

Expensive camera ! I am glad I am happy shooting just film otherwise I would be absolutely broke !

John Smith says:

Learn to maintain eye contact with the camera.

AW Film says:

this guy looks like jayz2cents but camera version haha XD

Marian Palko says:

The lens is actually quite bad. No way are you getting 42 megapixels worth of detail. Go to DPReview and compare it to the A7R2. You will see a big difference.

Kai Be says:

The problem with this camera, according to several articles – is reliability. These cameras are dying just outside of warranty which Sony isn't covering, as well as other issues. Seems to be some manufacturing problems but in either case, you don't want this model.

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