CHEERSON CX-10W NANO FPV Review – Smallest Camera Quad – [UnBox, Setup, Flight Test, Pros & Cons]

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Here’s and in-depth review of the Cheerson CX-10W FPV Nano, available here: Using the phone mount from this quad:

The CX-10W seems like a great little Nano quad with FPV video and picture capabilities I kids and adults. Fun, stable, small and light not to get in trouble with or hurt anyone while learning. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to get into quads. You really should learn on something like this first. Once your comfortable flying this for a while you should then move up to a larger more expensive quads.

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abdullah akman says:

Which web site I sell

eisai.blaxara 13 says:

How long battery he have

Mani Anurag says:

Does it hav headless mode?

Five Dee says:

It. Went. Nuts. I'm new to the glory of quadcopter, figured it made sense to start small so crashes aren't expensive. Thought I'd take your advice and innocently fly it in my tiny NY apartment. Bad idea. It went everywhere that was a pain in the ass to retrieve it (under the fridge, under the bed…ugh!) Its very fast and so that made it harder to control and I feel it needs wide opened spaces. I never got it to float nicely in my midst, it'd launch and then shoot off somewhere fast like movie footage of a spaceship at light speed.

SuperSpyguy007 says:

Keep practicing you will get better, someday, when you come into the 21st century…LOL At least you did out fly "Flyin Ryan"…LOL Nice video, Thanks PS, Too much time with the other controllers. Should have all been with the smartphone, inside and outside.

Amy Williams says:

Do you think this would work to take on a cruise ship and get some video clips of the outside of the ship, and some beaches while in port?

meesam syed says:

These are awsome

Yurii Arestov says:

Did you try recalibrate the qudrocopter with using smartphone?

Pagemaster18 says:

Hi Dustin, please answer to my mail or comment, i couldn't find your smartphone holder for the transmitter.Thank you!

PlayWithLife says:

did you forget the link where i can buy the controler ?

Glen D. Spicer says:

I enjoy your videos very much, they help me to decide what quad I want to buy next. I will buy the CX-10c first then the CX-10w. Thank you for the awesome reviews.

Pagemaster18 says:

Hello Dustin, great video thumbs up !I'm to lazy to read all comments from this video but you can have Video on your phone while Controlling it with the Transmitter. All you have to do is not to use the app from cheerson, you have to use an app called "wifi fpv". It works fine i have the cx-10w here. What i need to know from you is, what kind of mount kit is that in your video and how did you mount it on the transmitter?Thank you and keep on doing such great videos. 😉

GibsonLesPaul2273 says:

Although its very cute and amazing technology I think its best to spend the same money on the other slightly bigger FPV drones out there that have a flight time of 12 to 14 minutes.

BNL says:

I have the old proto x will that controller pair?

Partok81 says:

I own this Cheerson CX10-W nano quad and cannot get it to bind with my Cheerson CX 10 controller. I do not own the CX 10 C model so I cannot judge if that controller would bind with my CX 10 W.
Can anyone tell me why I cannot find my standard CX 10 controller to this CX 10 W?

ivan sikaleski says:

Nice and how do you use controllers that small?

введите бросок says:

thanks for testing it with controller i wanted to know if it worked with controller before buying it

hav says:

great vid…I've always liked the idea of phone controlled devices but the no feed back off stick position really sucks what do you think.thanks for the other controller option too

Rctestingtv says:

Good video 😎
+ a like 😎

BattleBulko says:

Hi, try also Video Ultimate player. It's little better than MX.

Eric Newman says:

Great video Dustin. It would have been nice to see the CX-10W's video quality full screen rather than what it looks like on your phone.

GAproductions says:

does your phone put out IR?

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