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Close – I’ve ordered the cheapest video camera you can find on Amazon. How good is the Vivitar handy-cam and should you buy one too? Find out all our tests in this camera review video.

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apmanti12 says:

very cool for vintage look, very similar to older dv cameras

eothebest says:

Then how did u get the camera footage


Holy cr** the quality is worst than what I was thinking

Niklas H. says:

You could make a Video about Filming just with the smartphone. This would be interesting! Thanks for all of your Vids!

Nick P. ick says:

Shout-out DOT

Alex Ryu 'ichi says:

Isn't 720p HD?

time pass says:

We need copy cat friday

Mohamed Abdelazez says:

can you make the "flying-effect" at this video ⬇⬇

Glitz & Glam TV Productions says:

First and foremost, I'm not a hater here. I love this channel and your content. But I find it funny that videos like this and others out there who do cheap camera reviews perform drop tests. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't do a drop test with an arri or a red. Let's make these review videos a bit fair here.

Eduard Sneyder says:

jajaja yo tengo una similar 🙁

hồng khanh nguyễn says:

and now it's 39$ LOL :))

Deniz Kendirci says:

thank you so much for wasting your hundred bucks for our sakes.

welovetotravel_nz says:

Have you got any recommendation regarding Go Pro Hero 7 vs Dji Osmo Pocket?

piper bynes says:

lol 2 fingers

Ishan Goswami says:

Your videos are very much informative at the same time you make us feel happy all the time.
I love cinecom the most. 😍

Ishan Goswami says:

Is I'm the only one who noticed the wall carefully. If I'm not wrong these are all the lovely comments written on the walls.

Essy Chilcutte says:

I got a 45$ camera it was okay
It had issues if you didnt put a memory card in it before it was on

I had a was 750$ camera from 2006 was similar so technology is coming down in price…

abdoulaye ayouba says:

hi, please can remake some effects of thois video ?

Technical Doctorji says:

brother please make "MARVEL STUDIO" Logo please…………………….

Hari haran says:

Plz say about Mobile videography….

Alex Maac says:


But amazing video

JMGraphics says:


Ahmed Kamal says:

i have camera canon 700D thats good for record video ??

Hiro says:

To get a very good response on your video make the stars in thumbnail 5 star, and add a question mark

Heróis do design says:

Galeria vai lá no meu canal

CamRabasca says:

Can you show us how Mac miller did “I am who I am(killin time)” ??? Super simple it looks like

Jervy Lagura says:

i love u jordy.w hahaahahahahha

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