CHEAP VIDEO CAMERA STABILISER – Roxant Pro with Test Footage Comparison

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We tested out one of the cheapest and most portable mechanical stabiliser the Roxant which can be used for video cameras and DSLR’s and even gopros if you use camera screw attachment for gopro mount.

Also known as a camera or dslr Steadicam or steadycam
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This is our first attempt at a youtube video if we get any interest views and subscribers we are going to make more! Thanks for your support in advance!



Magicmerve says:

If these guys do a comedy show then I'm watching it

lzp PngMusik says:

How can I purchase this item?

LK VLOGS says:

i have a question, if i stabilize it and zoom my lens, will it still balance?

7armedman says:

You have to shoot them the same way, you're more soft when doing the stabilizer. Shitty useless test by idiots.

Prabhu dayal bediya says:


Brian Hallmond says:

Wtf. You're walking so much smoother with the gimbal. This isn't an accurate comparison at all.

It'd be more stable hanging from my balls than your goofy walk in the first shot.

Not buying

Nima Tamang says:

Waste of money and time

zoe jordan says:

This is useless. Better use my chicken as stabilizer



Wiktor Kabanow says:

You have failed to stabilise. I guess learning how to weight it properly and before making the video, actually would be more beneficial for viewers.

andres arredondo says:

woooooow, was simple and very helpfull. Thanks for share

Jake Fotograffix says:

This stabilization is pretty good but since the device itself isn't balanced, so it goes left and right with no purpose.

ranDomStudio PH says:

I bought the same product, and the video with stabilizer is much worse than just holding my phone.. 😒

DJay Beattrix says:

That sudden head movement at 0:27 hahaha

Alan Listing says:

These two are "production" team? Should have been enough after 15seconds of the video to confirm not worth watching

BOB Burhan says:

Please comeback bro! Just ignore the negative comments there

Memphis Darkside Muzik HD says:

i have that same panasonic camcorder.

Vertix says:

And can i use it for canon eos 4000d and Panasonic lumix gh2?

Vertix says:

So is it worth to buy it?

Syed Asad says:

I can do better with my hand than that

Lulu2u2 says:

Neither are good.

ÁREA 394 says:

like super like

tubzeb yaj production says:

helo i 👍🔔🙏👍🔔

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