Cheap Superzoom Camera Comparison – Kodak AZ421 vs Minolta MN35Z

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We take a look at two of our best-selling cameras, the Kodak AZ421 and the Minolta MN35Z. Both cameras have an impressive optical zoom range, and both cameras are around $200. We discuss some of the pros and cons, take some sample images, and discuss why (or why not) a cheap superzoom just might be the right camera for you.

Kodak AZ421:

Minolta MN35Z:

Minolta MN35Z Wireless Setup:

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linda nerney says:

I have ordered the Minolta and hope I like it. Good video. Thanks.

Exile DeadWolf says:

You also get 1080p video unlike the kodak that gets 720p

JanessaTheLabel says:

I notice that people put this camera down but I love my Minolta for fashion and makeup photos!

seppuku x says:

Thank you! Its been very difficult to find a review on the minolta mn35z! Im going to purchase right now!

Joe McGovern says:

I am your 3000 sub comgrats

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