Cheap Compact Camera Review: Saving Savvy With Dr. Mike

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How does a sub $100 compact camera compare to a cell phone camera or to a more expensive compact camera? In this video I’ll explore that question by looking at the $88 Panasonic DMC FH 6 camera.


David Will says:

In 2006 I picked up a little Lumix, similar to this one. I was really impressed by the photos it took. Clearly not in the same class as the bigger cameras, but for something you could put in a shirt pocket I thought it did a very good job. Then it got stolen and I replaced it with a little Nikon Coolpix. That little Nikon showed me just how right I was about the Limix. If anyone were to ask me what they should get in a small pocket camera I'd say buy a Lumix.

lemme bee says:

good enough for making YouTube videos? I am just a beginner?

DaMlG DuDe Bruh says:

how do you select the movie action

DaMlG DuDe Bruh says:

how do u record

raymond30 says:

Which model of that panasonic?

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