Cheap Camera Review – The tiny but mighty Pentax Q (Q-S1)

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This camera has been on my mind since announced in 2011. Seven years later the timing is perfect. But has it aged like a fine wine or is it just old vinegar?
One thing is at least certain, the price is very low compared to when it was first released. The review contains +90 sample images.

Video recorded with:Pentax KP,

Manfrotto Befree,


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Thaung Han says:

Its fine wine for me because I cant afford much! just have pulled the trigger on amazon for used one recently. Thank you very much!

Juan Carlos Lopez says:

Hello MAttias! If you were on travel and you could take TWO lenses for the QS1 (I have the prime, standard zoom & the tele) And in my pocket I have a GRii. Thank you!

Angelo Belleza says:

Somebody was selling this at around $180 at a ebay type website local to the Philippines (where I am located). With 01, 02, and 06 lenses. I'm really salty I didn't buy it then seeing Mattias' video it was an absolute steal at that price. Now there isn't anything in the Pentax Q series selling locally, which how I prefer to buy. Ebay sells Pentax Qs around the same price but with the 02 lens only. Oh well.

Ellene Mae Elizalde says:

Your voice is relaxing. I feel sleepy watching your videos.

Juan Carlos Lopez says:

Do you pay a fee to your dog to be a model? 😉

Blou Bear says:

I recognize that dog from the "5 reasons why I shoot film" video, I can't believe I ran across the same person/channel while switching between analog and digital photography hahaha

Ian Thomson says:

As always, a great review with great photos. My friend has a Q and I was very tempted to get one also as I found one in a camera shop for a good price. The only thing that decided me against buying it was my MX-1 which, though it's a fair bit heavier, doesn't have the extra bulk of the interchangeable lenses.
The Q looks ridiculously small when put next to a K1 with a 70-200 lens on it!

UnderBridge Rock says:

I love 5-10 year old cameras too. The X70 is my "new old camera". The Q w/ the 06 intrigues me

Juan Carlos Lopez says:

Ok. Should I have my GRii in my left pocket and my QS-1 with the #6 lens on my right pocket? 😉

Juan Carlos Lopez says:

Which one is your favourite lens for this camera? Thank you!


Great job! One of the best reviews ever.

Luën Iopue says:

What other lens can be used with the Pentax Q … other than the 8 one made by pentax !?

Yannick says:

Thanks for the review! What would be a good price nowadays?

Chris Emerick says:

Yasss more videos this length!!

Ashleyapples says:

I like the picture of your sleep doggie

Luën Iopue says:

I watch so many Video from your channel to buy a Camera and after each video review I want to buy the one you reviewed… So I still don't know what am I going to buy but the Ricoh Gxr, Ricoh Gr, This Pentax and the KP, seems to be my favorite…. But all your video make me wanna buy all the camera lol. Thanks for all the video you 've done, so inspiring, and helpful as well

Riccardo Mori says:

This video convinced me to get one. Here's what happened: I discovered your channel because I, too, love Nokia phones (I have a Lumia 830, 925, and 1020!). After watching a few other videos of yours, YouTube suggested this one. This video reminded me of the Pentax Q — a camera that got me intrigued when Pentax introduced it back in 2011, but then I just forgot about it (you know how digital photography works: in just a few years dozens of new models are introduced, and if you're mostly a film enthusiast like me, you easily lose track…). After this video, I checked other reviews around the Web, and that rekindled my enthusiasm. Then I got back here. Then I got on eBay and snatched a Pentax Q with the Standard Zoom 02 lens for about 100 Euros. And now I can't wait for it to arrive! Cheers, Mattias! Keep up the good work!

Andreas Lu says:

I just bought one of these with the number 01 lense for 20€ on a flea market today. I had never heard of them, but the form factor and the interchangeable lense system intrigued me.
Coming back home I find you reviewing the camera which made me quite happy. Well spent 20 euros!

James Harrison says:

Your videos are so full of enthusiasm and life. They're fascinating, but they also make me happy!

Gio EL says:


I just Love the way you review! Your Style!
And your Great Voice!! Love it Bud!

Great work with all of your videos!
Keep it up…
We all, can Truly see your Loving Passion.

Micro Four Nerds says:

Stumbled across a Q10 in a camera shop yesterday and hey it's my birthday so I got it! I love your images so much in this, you've got some seriously beautifully composed shots.

I really need the 06 after watching this! I had the original Q many moons ago and you're so right that the original is built much better, but had I not previously owned it I wouldn't have said the q10 was bad build by any means. Now to scour ebay for some bargain lenses wish me luck 🎉

Mark Riches says:

Matt .. can you recommend a screen loupe for the q and q7 I have both in fact I managed to get 1 of the 1000 limited edition q7 premium kits. Any help advice would be great but I'm on a limited budget at the moment. Thanks.. mark

Will Price says:

Idk why I want one, but it do…

mougabo says:

Mattias is this camera´s raw files supported by capture one at the moment?

whoisQ says:

this video inspired me to make the decision to go for this camera over another small "pocketable" cameras. I picked one up for $200 USD yesterday. its in perfect condition and came with the 01 prime lens. I'm having some trouble understanding the functionality of the camera because its so different, as time goes it proves to be fairly simple though. So far I am truly impressed that something so small having a sensor so minuscule, is capable of producing, maybe not amazing quality, but very beautiful looking photos. If I were walking through a gallery and saw photos from a q-s1 vs a top tier dslr (with no touch-up, after effects, etc.) I would probably think the photos from the q-s1 look better. Again, very happy with the camera so far and thank you for the inspiring video and review.

Supermale Vitality says:

Why am I watching this I have a7 and an a6000

Liaw Jia Yong says:

What’s does the plus 01 and 06 means?

Charles Coslor says:

You BLEW MY MIND when you pointed out that the 02 would look the same as an 08 on the 1/1.7" sensor. It would never have occurred to me to check the numbers. I have an original Q, the 01 and 06 lenses, but wanted a wider-angle lens. I have been pricing an 08 for a few days and lamenting how expensive they are (~$350 at time of writing). Getting a Q7 with the 02 will set me back a little less and keep my kit lighter. The 02 also appears to be a faster lens. Thank you!!!

Charles Coslor says:

Thanks for the great review! It would be nice to see the settings you used for the various photos.

Paul Vair says:

I want one of these to keep in my car glove box!

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