Cheap Camera Review – The Legendary Pentax MX-1- Is it still relevant in 2019?

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No photo gear gets me as fired up as well built and clever compact cameras.
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The Pentax MX-1 is a legend among point and shoot cameras. It has a unique lens and build, spits out high quality images and it has a Tilt Screen!

You can watch my Pentax Q/Q-S1 review here:

Written review:

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CaseClosedTV says:

Your videos are works of art.

Edgar G. says:

It has poor iso performance, imo. At f8 and above is when you get decent detail because you zoom at 100% post processing you see the difference. Many times I had to put the camera in HDR mode just to get some details. But I did like the macro mode and built in ND filter. Lots of color noise @ iso 1000 and above if you compare this to Canon g7x II, and sony rx100 iii. Do not like the Star effect from its built in zoom lens. Sony and Canon does better job. I had to really push for sharpness on post processing. But hey! It's under $400 used, can't beat that.

SolidSixx says:

Amazing camera! I have the black paint one and it looks so good

zwerg nase says:

Can you test the canon g16 or 15 ?

John Cantrell says:

Have had my for a few years and love it, for the features you mentioned. It is a perfect everyday camera for when I do not have my bigger K-3 with me. It came in very handy when I traveled to Vietnam in September. The manual controls had enough adjustments that it saved many a picture that might have been missed by a more simple auto-everything camera. And that fast lens allowed me to get pretty good boketh in tighter close up shots. So even after a few years, this camera is still a great performer!

Ian Thomson says:

I agree with everything you say in this video! A friend of mine has a Q and I was tempted to get one also, but was put off by the thought of carrying around several lenses. If I'm going to carry camera & lenses, I'll take my K1! The MX-1 is, for me as it is for you, the perfect 'jacket pocket' camera- great images (RAW of course!), a good solid feel (as it's a Pentax) and my black version is developing a nice well-worn look. My only reservation is battery life but it's no hardship to carry two spares, assuming I've remembered to charge them first!
I've used Pentax cameras for 40 years because they have the features I want, which isn't always the case with today's 'big two.'

Ben Isboy says:

"Day-to-night edits" are the easy part. xD

Ian Rosie says:


The MX-1 came out too late as a premium compact and ended up overpriced and under-performing. Other camera companies had already moved on in the large sensor/compact body stakes.

I really enjoy your vids, but you jumped the shark with 'Legendary MX-1'. It wasn't legendary. It is actually most notable for disappearing without much trace. The Pentax MX? Now that is legendary. And Ricoh only added insult to injury by using the name on this pastiche.

Signed: A Pentaxian.

zpolt says:

Awesome video man! My gas on this is strong

theasianricecake says:

Great video as always and now I can't decide whether to get the Q or this one! I'm wondering if you've checked out the Pentax K-01 since I've seen it about the same price as the other two. Keep up the good work!

Green Morning Dragon Productions says:

7:46 Your videos are costing me a fortune, Mattias! 😉 I thought I had all bases covered by buying into the Q system. Oh well…..

Gerry Beltgens says:

Nice review. Good to see someone appreciating some of the older but still good cameras. Did you ever review the Olympus Stylus XZ-1 or XZ-2? I have the 2 still and it is a lovely little camera.

Miguel Villegas says:

I found one at a pawnshop for 120

brad miller says:

TWO out loud laughs on this one. Nice!!! Totally agree about the tilt screen, btw. Well done.

lu richard says:

What aout Panasonic LX5? has vr gd image quality, and the video function is awesome, with very low price.

Fujimichel says:

I have one. High iso is not så good and it is very slow, when you take a picture it takes forever to be able to take another one. Pentax did not do any firmware update, too bad! Otherwise it is a nice camera. Discrete for street photography.

Yuri G says:

That's a camera which I gave as a present to my daughter few years ago. The price was around $200. This is very similar to Olympus XZ-1/2, which has the same lens, but it can accept EVF or a flash via hotshoe. Looks like we have pretty similar camera collections. I also have Q-S1, NX Mini and MX-1, and I also have Coolpix A, Fujifilm XF10 and Canon G9XII.

Steven Newman says:

Did you ever try old Nikon compacts P7100/7700/7800. P7700 is from same generation as that MX I guess. Has a 1/1.7 inch sensor 12mp, fully articulating screen. OK zoom lens (slow to extend and retract). Very customisable so its nearly a confusing menu. After a year the Coolpix (never heard of MX-1) which I still have but hardly use, I got Pentax K5-iis .

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