Cheap Camera Review – The Fuji Xpro-1 in 2019 – Oldie but goldie

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The Fuji X-Pro1, once a high end camera that many dreamt of owning. Today its yesterdays news and can be found at the bottom of the used section for very little money.

The video was recorded with:
Canon EOS-R,

RF 35mm f1.8,

Manfrotto Befree,


Music: It’s Always Too Late to Start Over av Chris Zabriskie licensieras under licensen Creative Commons Attribution (

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Eckart Hertzler says:

Nice enough camera. I bought it used but sold it after some time, because I constantly pressed the wrong buttons and the hybrid viewfinder was not for me.

Eddie Sanchez says:

I agree with everything you said. I LOVE my Xpro1

JJ says:

The xf 23mm f/2 is actually very nice on the x-pro1. A perfect match. Much faster and no noise when focusing. Did you like the new 16mm Mattias?

seethal s.s says:

Köpte precis en på blocket. 👍🏽

Marco Toscani says:

I believe is still over priced unfortunately. But can be funny only with small lens. Otherwise you will using only the evf. I suggest a lighter X-E1 then because also cheaper and same colors on jpg. The XPro is a basic camera for me. Funny for some Sunday photography and or to understand if you may like a Leica style to shoot

Боря Дюпон says:

Thanks for the review I appreciate it!

Laptev Media says:

I bought myself a X-E1 as a backup camera for around 120€, but I find myself using it more often than my Sony a7 because its so enjoyable to use and the colors are more pleasant to the eye than with Sony cameras, especially in low light situations.

LuckyKlavier says:

The CMOS sensor is better than than the X-Trans in my opinion.

Andres Cifuentes says:

Great video Mattias, you really make any camera work! That 7 artisans 28mmf1.4 looks interesting, is there a review coming up soon? I don´t see anything on your channel about it.

Patrick Cazer says:

canon you do a review on the 7D mark ii?

Niko says:

would get it if it had acros

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