Cheap Camera Review – Smallest Mirrorless Ever – The Samsung NX Mini

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Here is another forgotten camera system that you can find very cheap on the used market. It is perfect for vloggers but can certainly be used for other types of photography as well. The small form factor makes it easy to always have with you.

Video recorded with:Fuji X-T2,

XF 35mm f2.0 WR,

XF 23mm f2.0 WR,

Manfrotto Befree,


Music: ”Clover 3”, Vibe Mountain


Rolando Perez says:

That's why it's called point and shoot camaras

Yuri G says:

@Mattias Burlng Do you think it worth to buy 17mm for around $200 now? It was original price at B&H. I only have a kit zoom (9-27) right now. I bought this kit (camera + lens) for $200 total brand new few years ago.

DJ Slinus says:

I've recently bought a Samsung NX300 to use with my old Canon fd mount and nikon F mount lenses. All I can say is that it produces nice image quality and sharp pictures. It is certainly a nice addition to my equipment, next to my Canon DSLR and all my film cameras

Alf Sallander says:

Var finns husen 0:54 in i klippet? Snygga bilder också.

OG 1KiNoBeE says:

Still don't get how samsung cameras never caught on. Models like the nx1 where incredibly capable feature spec packed cameras that more then held their own with the rival cameras from companies that have been in the business forever. They could have been and should have been where Sony is now. Weird how things end up how they do. Shame.

gabl8a89 says:

The NX mini is no doubt an underrated camera. It first being marketed as beauty camera, which it failed of course, while Casio TR board the gravy train of that market segment.

I first bought this camera out of curiousity from a selfie loving girl who knows nothing about photography but selfie. She sold me at 400hkd (85USD) without knowing its potential. I was amazed after using it for a week.

Otokichi786 says:

Samsung NX Mini looks like a Nikon 1 J-series mirrorless digital camera. (Which is just as dead.;) My "fun/bring along" cameras are Ye Olde Fujifilm X30 and Canon PowerShot G15.

Raychristofer says:

My man you're on a roll this is another great camera I've never heard of, I always ask myself why doesn't Samsung make a dedicated camera a little bigger than their cell phones it would be awesome and here it is.. even many modern cameras does not have a front facing display, the only thing that would make it better was a manual focus knob

Rambo Cahyo says:

Great review man, Please review the latest Nikon 1 J5, Thank's

Justin likes Photography says:

How is the dynamic range

mhs vz says:

Thank you. Please review the Canon EOS M100.

Efrain Lopez says:

How did you avoid the no lens menssage when you don't use a electronic lens?!?!

Martin Geddes says:

Your enthusiasm is so infectious — every video you produce is a joy to watch, and an inspiration to participate.

Abrar says:

Great vid mate … can u do a comparison video between these type of cameras and cell phone camera ?

Mary Coleen Ganiron says:

I still have our NX Mini Camera 9-27mm. It's really good though, perfect if you are just a basic vlogger and doesn't need too much camera works.

Ozge Ozturk says:

Hi, i was wondering about it's audio quality. How's dat? Does it have a place for an external microphone? Thank you!

wanakmalarief WAN ABD RAHMAN says:

Hi at this moment may i know ur favorite camera system?

Brian Dipierro says:

I love my Samsung NX300, I bought it for $70 on eBay. The NX mount is weird. I use it with an old FD lens since the NX lens are so much money, and I love the manual focus through it. It's been the one I bring with me everywhere, it's comfortable in the hands, and the I LOVE the scroll wheel on the top. Samsung makes niiiice cameras, and it's a shame they don't produce them anymore, but the market truly is oversaturated.

Retch Einhundert says:

I have to nx 1000 and in don't like it. Even a Adapter for the my Canon lenses in known to not work properly.

raksh9 says:

Wait, I didn't even know Samsung made a 1" sensor ILC. Like a Nikon 1, but slimmer.

David anugrah wiranata says:

Hey Mattias, first of all thank you for making this video. I've found a good deal for the nx mini and also nx 10 it is sell in the same price range. What should I buy? Or is it better to wait a little more to get nx3000?

Kipper Klank says:

The color fringing is a huge turn off for me on those lenses
but eh
the camera is good

Daniel Attila says:

The NX Mini is NOT Mac compatible.

xanfus says:

Watching these videos reminds me of learning about dinosaurs, and how they evolved lol.

The Topplandic Republic says:

I have this camera

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