Cheap Camera Review – 5 Reasons to Buy the Sigma DP2

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This is a premium compact camera with an APS-C sized sensor that won’t break your bank. Its a bit of a veteran theses days but definitely no slouch in my opinion.
Here are five reasons to consider it.

If you rathe buy a modern Foveon Camera you can check these out:Sigma DP1 Quattro,
Sigma SD Quattro,
Sigma SD Quattro H,

Video recorded with:
Fujifilm X-Pro2,
Fujifilm 23mm f2.0,
Fujifilm 56mm f1.2,

Manfrotto Befree,


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Maxotics says:

I sold my DP2S on Fred Miranda for $50 a few weeks ago, and it was up for a few weeks before that. To those who comment that you can't find these cameras at the price he bought his for, it takes some patience and looking around. Few of these cameras were built, compared to Canon and Nikon. One should also consider the Merrills, like the DP2M. That would probably be closer to $500 but you get more resolution.

Aman Matharu says:

Very nice background music….Loved it

Des Kodur says:

You must be the only person in existence that found these cameras at an "affordable" price. A more accurate general price is anywhere between £200 – £700.

NWPipeSmoker says:

Great video, Mattias! I have a DP1 and a DP2Merrill. The DP1 is magical – small size, and the image quality is … special and yes, magical. My favorite camera ever! BUT – I've had it repaired once before for a common and known problem (with the SD1 and SD2 with retractable lens) – there is apparently a flexible piece of plastic inside as part of the retractable mechanism, and that is what breaks, locks the lens out and then won't let you use it. It would be fine if it would let you still take photos but not be able to retract the lens … but alas, no. I just contacted Sigma in the US, and Fred Langstaff, the Customer Service Supervisor for Sigma Corporation of America, said:

"Thank you for contacting Sigma USA. The DP-1 is beyond its service life and can no longer be repaired. The DP-1Merrill has been discontinued for 4 years and will be beyond its service life in 3 years. We do not have stock in new or refurbished DP-1 Merrill’s and we will not be getting any more in."

The weak link breaks the entire chain … and so you have to junk the whole camera and the several batteries and accessories. A real shame, more so because the camera is so special. But even if it was able to be fixed, it WOULD happen again. That was a bad design. Bad for Sigma to not recognize it as a design fault and provide a more permanent fix – but this highlights, once again, that these companies are in business to sell new cameras.

So I do have a DP2 Merrill, and it does NOT have the retractable lens, and feels much more solid. But again, in several years it will no longer be able to be repaired. And frankly, the 45mm-equivalent lens, sharp as it is, is not nearly as charismatic as the 28mm-equivalent of the DP1 series – it works well, but is not as fun to shoot.

I am sold on the Foveon processor. I'm not sure I like what Sigma has done with the latest sensor to make it faster, but the results still seem to be there, from what I've read and seen. So I'm thinking I'll go for an SD Quattro with 19mm and 60mm lenses. A big, heavy camera, but less expensive than a DP1 Quattro and DP3 Quattro, and more flexible – and current enough to be able to be repaired into the foreseeable future.

Thank you for your videos – very much appreciated!


Leo Dolci says:

Is it merril ? thanks for the videos

McLaren F1 says:

this or the pentax q for around 300$?

Paddy Kajinkski says:

Is there any advantage to the original DP series over the Merrill series (apart from the price)? Is there a different look from the colours for example?

Khang Nguyen says:

Mattias! I can’t find any DP2 or DP1 for cheap can you look up for me the cheapest?

Ben Hanggai says:

I have tried sigma dp1x, dp1m, they were both great cameras, image quality wise. However, the post-processing was such a hassle due to the special files Foveon sensor produced. By far the Foveon sensors produce the image closest to the traditional analog feeling, and the color is just great. Also, one battery probably will last you like 80 photos in real life, and I used to carry 6-8 batteries with me just in case it runs out of juice…

Mel Alvar says:

Hi mattias, i live and work in dubai u.a.e. I've been watching your reviews and i love it, unfortunately good cheap camera for me is 500 to 800 dirhams only that's all i can afford. Where can i buy such cameras?

AfterMath says:

2:23 Måste säga att det är en väldigt fin flagga där! 😉

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