Casio Exilim EX-Z77 Digital Camera Review

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S C A says:

just find this camera in my cabinet

Mike Stanley says:

I found this camera in my closet today. And the lesson i learned from this camera was. Do disable usb charging mode

xcrybxbyz says:

I have the
Pink one 😁

Ramazan Keskinoğlu says:

In this video, 1000 fps is recorded with Casio Exilim

Sebastian Minaya Flores says:


macman18plays says:

Is there an external mic adapter specifically for this camera or will a basic one do?

T1D Jess says:

How do you pause the video?

Reem Alhawaj says:

please how can I open the camera

Stevens vlogs says:

How well does it film at night ?


So does that mean it will look widescreen when i use it for youtube?? if i set it in the required mode?what output vid, does it have? it's not like the flip, right..mp4?

Kyle Z says:

@Respectmee95 Yeah i got mine to work also. I just applied force to the higher side of the crooked lens and it popped back into place. Problem with these camera's is that they seem to be very fragile to falls. But again. it's not made to fall lol. I also dropped my laptop a few days ago but i managed to get that back into working shape too.

gurl139 says:

i have this camera but when i turn it on it reads lens error or says retry power on, the lense is half way out too, if anyone knows how i could fix this myself without a cost, i would appreciate it, please comment, thanks.

Kyle Z says:

i dropped my camera while in use and the lens is crooked and when i turn it on it says "lens error" and then shuts off. could anyone give me any advice on how to fix it???…thanks, i would appreciate it.

johnny thomas says:

hey how much is it

Dominic Lutwyche says:

I have this camera 🙂

TheDudecof says:

yaaa i have it!

alyssa mathieson says:

does it focus? does it tae good videos?

Brittney Yvette says:

mines kickass. everyone asks me what kind it is because my pics and vids are really good quality…

i think these ppl that are saying that it sucks, just
SUCK AT TAKING PIX/VIDEOS. and should maybe
sit down and read the manual and know all about
how to actually use it… its more than turning it on
and snapping a picture.

kingdavecako says:

press the view pix button, find the pic, and press down SUBSCRIBE PLEAAASE 🙂

Julie Tran says:

you press the bs (best shot) button near the bottom and then click the icon that looks like a video camera

LittleBitty2010 says:

Hey! I used to have the Casio Exilm EX-z60…but now i have the EX-z77…will the cd for my old camera work with this one because I can't find the disc i got with this new camer..

Any Help!?

trackto2012 says:

at best buy, i just got one yesterday its 15% off so i thought it was a good deal. it was $199 from $229 and i got the red one

Laura van Wa says:

i have the pink one. its soooo cool

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