Car Cam G30 Unbox

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Glyn Williams says:

Good review.
Music was interesting, if I didn't like it, I would turn down the volume.
All features covered, great.

réda napalm says:

Disgusting finger nails

exitpc says:

it doesn't loop.Is there a way to upgrade this [email protected]?

Oleg Boyko says:

Дура ногти хоть бы почистила

Mike Contreras says:

What an annoying background music you got there

Bhavin Tolia says:

how to make infra-red lights switch ON automatically at night ?

Richard Seiler says:

Loved the video; very informative, plus ~ I like how it was like watching an old silent film!!

III4LifeIII says:

How long is a cable ? Thanks man

esteban cruz santos says:

please help me to change the language to chinese to english

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