Captain Camera Reviews the Nikon Coolpix W100

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Nikon new Coolpix W100 is designed to be the perfect kids camera, so we had Chris Niccolls’ alter ego Captain Camera give it a spin to see if this is the perfect first camera for your kids!

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Order the Nikon Coolpix W100 from The Camera Store:

Shot and edited by Jordan Drake
Shot on the Panasonic GH5


ExQuiXII gLaDos says:

Best Camera review in youtube

Angela Young says:

I’m 14 (. . )

donaldstephens11 says:

Hilarious. You belong on TV. Book this guy on the Tonight Show

Dr Papschmear says:

This cobber may be older than Nikon's target ordiance but he doesn't want to spend all his money on a high end waterproof for his snorkeling adventure and he can buy one for only 158 aussie dollars. Given how expensive adult waterproof cameras are – which still take mediocre photos – I reckon this makes sense for any modest in-water usage.

diaz & cilla says:

this camera suck, dont buy this camera, they say waterfroof?????? my camera dead when i use in the water for the firs time,

Naher1mne1utub says:

that was… pretty depressing ending

Naveen Kommi says:

Idiot!!.. such a nonsense

GL17CHY says:

How do i download the videos?

Snore Lax says:

As an Australian I am disgusted and outraged that you did not use a single swearword. For shame.

Bornona Goswami says:


Patrice Headington says:

You should do all your reviews as a children’s show. Lol

Jimmy157 says:

Really debating this vs. a Fujifilm XP120 (comparable price instead of the xp130).

Santiago Lozano Fierro says:

my camera (nikon coolpix w 100) can't have shutter sounds

Aprilyn Navarro says:

does it film videos?

snejks11 says:

childplay for 150$ are you idiots?

Momma Bears Corner says:

lol your a hoot.

Charles Davidson says:

Please review a Pentax like this

Nelson Pena says:

We need more of these.

Nazreen Zulaikha says:

Very helping thank you!

Eagle Pack says:

Haha you should make this a regular segment of your reviews.

Alex Balansay says:

Having lived in Australia for a year, I'm actually getting a Kiwi (New Zealand) vibe haha.

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