Canon’s ANSWER??? Fuji’s WEIRD New Camera!

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Did Canon give a good enough answer to Nikon and Sony with the development of the 1DX Mark III? Is FUJI’s X PRO 3 too weird or just right? Is Tamron’s 70-180mm 2.8 too short or just right? And be careful when traveling with undeveloped film if you encounter one of these!

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Gear I USE
I SHOOT RAW Camera Bag
My Go To Mirrorless Camera as of now
Sony a7R IV

Nikon Z6
The Microphone I use for Vlogging
Nikon 70-200 2.8
Nikon 24-70 2.8 VR
Nikon 14-24 2.8
Nikon 105 F1.4
Sony a7 III
My Rolling Bag Of Choice For Flying

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Jared Polin says:

This FIX is brought to you by Manscaped. Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping + FREE GIFT @Manscaped with code FRO20

It really does work!!! If you've ever tried this with another form of shaver, you know the fear and pain of a nick or snag, At the very least go read more about it at the link above.

james marshall says:

am so done with Jared he's an ass I'm not much of a fan, I find his methods of presentation a bit annoying and I've never seen much in the way of originality from him. Not my kind of entertainment really, I could get past his mannerisms and style if I'd ever learned anything of interest or use from him, but I haven't.

For this kinda stuff I prefer Matt Granger and Mike Browne, they seem to be much better at the teaching and interest side of things without the filler and other crap.

He's a slightly above average photographer. What kills me about him, in particular, is his limited post-processing skills. His "style" of post-work essentially resembles that of someone who's just discovered editing software for the first. +100 contrast. +20 saturation. These are the two sliders all beginners gravitate to because they're so easy to use and provide such basic results. There's no real creativity or imagination to it. I'm convinced the reason so many of his photos are B&W is, doesn't know how to edit color photos.

I can't take him seriously. I understand that he's a personality and a brand and all that and that he needs to peddle his e-books, but I can't imagine him ever walking into a serious photo agency with his "I SHOOT RAW" shirt on, introducing himself as "jAAAAAred Polin" and finding work. He's a clown.

I'm still subscribed but I'm not sure for how much longer. I have a similar opinion of him as Matt Granger/That Nikon Guy. I find them reasonably useful for gear news (more Granger) and reasonably entertaining content. My problem with Granger is that fundamentally he's not that good a photographer so when he tries to give advice on stuff beyond gear it rubs me the wrong way.

With Jared what I find more annoying, though I don't rate him that highly as a photographer to begin with, is that he seems to think he's far funnier, more popular and more charismatic than he actually is. The crap like singing every 5 seconds in his RAW TALK podcast or doing stupid impressions, or popping up and appending a 2-minute photo news video with a 2-minute awful skit of his obnoxious I'M SO FUNNY routine really make it difficult to not hate the guy with a passion.

His gear opinions are often fairly useful and he's a great help to many beginners I'm sure, but as a personality, he's far too loud and brash for my liking.

Lenn Long says:

Canon "Please call it the Canon 1D XXX!

TomT says:

unwatchable: the popular film stuff is idiotic

Michael Gomez says:

Nice, Photography tutorials now come with ads for shaving tools for your balls. Sure, why not?

Carlos Gabriel Diaz says:

Dear Jared.
I just atend a Formula 1 race in Męxico. I was curious about the gear the profesional photographers were using. All were using Nikon or Canon DSRLs No Sony's among them and I believe they will the upcoming DSRLs.
Best regards.

ffpphotography 35 says:

Does the xray damage digital ?

PG Tips says:

What a load of total junk you talk before and after getting to the point of your video title! I'm busy, I haven't got all day to wait on you do all your sales and marketing for 80% of every video! Get a grip man!

ffpphotography 35 says:

The cash spent on that Canon will be Money gone out the Window . . . 💳💲💸🔥🔥🔥🔥

JonJonFilms says:

love my eso r ahhaha

Mario Vukelić says:

I'm sony user now….

Kevin Diaz says:

1DXmkIII probs going to be 6500 at release. Wouldn't be surprised if it is as much as 8000 though. I'm sure plenty of pro sport shooters will pick it up. I don't do video so I really can't speculate on that.

brian baierl says:

$1 for the Canon 1DX Mark III.

illdee04 says:

Fuji is awesome

rolocz says:

thanks, I'm fixed for the time being

Gabriel Reyes says:

Do you have any old camera or camera you dont use?

Philip Andreicuk says:

Skip the first 1 minute 8 seconds of complete BS ( advert )

alin constantinescu says:

I think it will be with 5000 $ more that what i have right now

Dj Burke says:

Love the vids❤️. Would Timmy ou answer my dms?

Steve Bearman says:

Your humor saves you, man. Jared, why do you hate Fuji? I know you fav Nikon and Sony but can't you throw a little respect Fuji way? I'll still watch you because you're a card, but you've dissed me, man. Just sayin'

Welco says:

Just a paid Sony shill now. Go film Eagles fans peeing on the homeless.

Paul Emmanuel Kreative says:

I am a Canon Shooter. I am confused. I have an EOS R. I love the video specs on the 1DX III. I love the RF lenses. 1DX III won't support them. WTF lenses am I supposed to invest in?

Isaac Martinez says:

holy shit i never saw this advertising coming

badhabit says:

It's only weird to the simple mind.

Robert Luca says:

Yessss the 70-200 is gonna be the lens of the year

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