Canon Vs Nikon – Which is a better DSLR for you?

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Canon Vs Nikon Vs Sony (HINDI) 2018:

Canon Vs Nikon – Which is a better DSLR for you? What’s good about Canon and what’s good about Nikon?

The comparison is not based on any lab tests. Experience, Hands-on, expert reviews on the internet, data from comparison websites and other sources have been used and summarised in a simple way for non-professionals.

The photos have been used from pixabay.

Music from Bensound.

We have not shared specific result for the Auto-Focus mechanism and efficiency in DSLRs because the autofocus system varies with DSLR bodies/version and we were unable to differentiate and credit a particular brand for the mechanism.

Good cameras (Links for Amazon India)
Canon 1300D:
Canon 1500D:
Nikon D3400:
Nikon D5300:
Nikon D5600:
Canon M50:
Canon 77D:
Canon 80D:
Nikon D7200:
Nikon D7500:
Sony A6300:
Sony A6500 (15-60 unavailable):
Sony A6400: Unavailable yet.
Sony A6000 (2014):

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Dreamshot says:

Canon Vs Nikon Vs Sony (HINDI) 2018 :

rahul sinha says:

My budget is rs 45k .. beginner…but quite experimenting with pro setting and manual setting. Want good low light usage. I can add few more bucks.

Harry Joseph says:

I have been shooting Canon for the past 15+ years, but was often dismayed when a new Nikon camera came out that seem to blow the Canon cameras out of the water. This has been happening since the Nikon D200. Aside from some outstanding cameras like the 5D, Canon seems to lag behind Nikon and other manufacturers such as Pentax and Olympus when it comes to features and technology, plus I absolutely hate the sound of the shutter on Canon cameras. With that said, this year I decided to switch to Nikon, so I purchased a used D7100(an 8 year old camera) and was blown away by how much more sophisticated the Nikon cameras were compared to Canon.

The only problem I have right now with switching is that I would really hate to give up top-notch lenses such as my Canon 70-200 mm f2.8 and my 16-35 mm f2.8. The only solution is to keep my current Canon body(5D mark II) so i can still use those lenses, while slowly upgrading my Nikon lenses and camera. Thanks for telling it like it is ! Most comparisons which I have heard so far will say, that both cameras have their good points and bad points, which is clearly not the case.

Shivam Naik says:

Sir, please help me
I want to get trained in professional photographer course and I also want to buy DSLR….
For weeding photography and individual photography….
I am thinking about buying cheap camera body….and after that buying a good and expensive lenses….
What is your suggestion regarding this?

Midnight Rider says:

U are right 💯. I would say Nikon is good for photography not v good for auto on video . Canon is good for video . with auto on video

Chandra Prakash Mishra says:

Sir tell me who dslr is best Nikon Ya Canon

Gourav Upadhyay says:

For wildlife photography, which one is best?

Jomon Philipose says:

Canon 80d/ 77d or Nikon d5600 Which one should i buy?? I'm a beginner in Photography but i'm having a degree in Journalism and I like all kinda photography(Street, Wildlife, Potrait etc).

Which one should i buy for the long term.i.e, which is usefull for a long duration of year??

Just think 123 says:

Canon 77D vs nikon d7200 which is good for portrait and landscape photography

Krishnendu Roy says:

sir, my budget is 70k. which camera body and lense would be best for photography. I am not a professional. will be using it for portrait, street and some birding. plz suggest . it's completely up to your advice.

Istiak Omi says:

#i'm from Bangladesh
Which one is best nikon D5300 or canon 200d/700d?? with 50mm & 70-300/55-200
now boths are same price in our country… I like photography & videography also…
& i'm frist time dslr owner

Susmoy Sen gupta says:

Canon's color science is amazing…

Keerthan Kolathaya says:

Hello, Which one would you pick… A good body with kit lens or Entry level body with expensive lens for low light, street and landscape photography.

I own Canon700D with kit lens. Planning to buy 50mm prime lens for low light photography.

Aakash Amrutkar says:

please suggest for cannon 700D (18*55 and 50 mm lens) or any other camera for good photography, budget is 50-60k


Bro 45000 ka undar best dslr and lens ?? First time dslr owner

Saroj kant saha says:

Best DSLR Camera for normal use. Under 30000.. plz suggest

Rabeet Singh says:

Sir give me phone number…….

Lalith Mailipilli says:

I want to get into photography and later on want to use that camera for video making. Nikon d5600 and Canon 200d are the options I saw as my first dslr. Which should I choose between these two? I held both of them and initially Nikon d5600 image was felt slightly better. But Canon 200D dual pixel autofocus makes Canon to compete against Nikon and I am really confused between these two!!

saifuddin saify says:

Sir I want to buy a dslr for my hobby purposes, should I buy Canon 4000d or Canon 2000d

Beno Sam Binu says:

Nikon D3500 or Nikon D5300

Biplab Singh says:

I think canon i better then nikon becoze most of professional use canon

akashnath s says:

Sir which is better :nikon3400 or canon d1500?

Josue Cordova says:

Dreamshot I really need your help for this, I mostly take outdoor photography, such as nature photographs and landscapes

punit yogi says:

sir i want to known which brand camera is best ….i am a beginner nd my budget is 80,000 rs … which brand camera is better for me ……pls pls sir answer this question …?????

your tube says:


Liz Vergara says:

Hiii i have been interested in photography for a while now and have been thinking about getting the Canon Eos rebel Sl2 as my first camera, should I? Or are there there better options

eyagyadutt gaur says:

भाई आवाज कहां हैं
video तो अच्छा है पर आवाज बहुत कम है

Hector Rivera says:

Nikon rules !!!

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