CANON VS FUJI COLOR – Blind Test Comparison

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In this episode, Andrew conducts a blind test of the colors of FUJI vs Canon. For this test Andrew uses the Canon EOS RP and the FUJI X-T3 and he tests both RAW and JPG outputs. He sincerely hopes this helps you in your purchasing decisions and wishes you all the best. He also would like to express how much he enjoys typing YouTube video descriptions in 3rd person.

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Ahmed Faridane says:

Raw: 10 out of 13, picked A/D. JPG: 9 out of 13, picked C. I own a Canon M6 ii with Sigma 16mm f1.4. I'll only shoot RAW from now on…

Juan M says:

A few years back I did something similar and got Fuji (I was shooting fujifilm bsck then) but now I got Canon most of the time both raw and jpeg (and I shoot canon)!

I think my eye just picks whatever I am used to seeing. Whew. Almost bought a Fujifilm.

Prog4Ever says:

Interesting. I shoot Fuji and mostly in Provia and this confirmed my choice, although I have always liked Canon colors too; the differences are not huge. However, just like you I shoot in jpeg with raw as backup and I do like – a lot- the choice that Fuji offers in film simulations.

FabCat says:

I was hesitating between Fuji and Canon for my first camera so I made the test. My results are : 14 Canon and 10 Fuji but for jpeg is 8 Fuji and 5 Canon. So I guess I will have to go with Canon ?

Btw, I really love the waulity aspect of your pictures. Great work !

Brant Smith says:

RAW was very consistent Canon. Which is good, I shoot RAW in Canon. But Jpg, very consistently I liked Fuji Provia. But, I do not shoot jpg. Interesting test.

ared18t says:

I picked almost all FUJIFILM hahaha

Wesam Hamdi says:

I'm a fuji shooter and was thinking to switch to Canon .. almost all pictures I liked in this video are Fuji photos!! So I think I need sometime to reuse my Fuji again maybe there's something I miss .. Thank you so much for your honest reviews regarding those 2 cameras 😊

Adrian Bacon says:

I found myself really not liking the Fuji colors. I thought I’d like the Fuji colors over Canon given how much Fuji users rave about the colors. I just don’t see it.

ahojahojish says:

Fuji just has something magical for me. I was right on with the jpegs. I have to buy a fuji camera.

Jan-Martin Ulvåg says:

I just want a camera to shoot paintings for print, and no one is talking about that and the videos on youtube about the matter is just…not…so I guess I have to figure out myself. Stitching together many photos is probably a must………, G9 or X-t3 and , no I dont need a full frame camera, I can see that now.

p3rrypm says:

With the RAW I found I was all over the place with the selection… For JPEG, 90% of the time I picked Classic Chrome regardless of the subject, very interesting as you mentioned most people didn’t like the Classic Chrome look. I think for me it is because the classic Chrome doesn’t have a color shift on skin tones when shadows are present and both the Canon and Provia images often had these color casts… I guess that’s just something I’m sensitive to in image quality.

Also, the one thing I really liked about classic chrome is the way it handled highlights, as it does a very good job of keeping them in check. As much as I like Provia for subtle variation on skin tones, I think the Classic Chrome better suits my tastes for other aesthetics.

Panda says:

I’m a bit late but I almost always chose Fuji, I’m about to buy a new camera and I have to decide which one to buy (Fuji or Canon) so this helped a lot!

B Diddy says:

Kind of surprised by the mixed preference! RAWs were almost exactly 50/50. Used to shoot Fuji, now shooting Canon exclusively for the last 8 months. Really just goes to show that the difference is minimal when shooting RAW and to just use the tool that you like/need.

YI NAN says:

What does the abcd mean here?…Cannot figure out my camera type without understanding this

FuRRukH W. says:

wht the fuck. you want me to have a copy pencil for watching your review. my ass

Ziyang Zhang says:

Sometimes I like one, sometime I like the other…

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