Canon T7i 800D Digital Camera – REVIEW

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Canon T7i 800D Review


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Mr. Zeke and The Crew says:

Thanks for sharing… Looking into getting this camera for a bit of an upgrade on my channel

S.B. says:

1) can it shoot 4k video by this dslr?
2) can I pause the recording while shooting a video in the dslr?
3) can I shoot slow motion video in this dslr? If so, for how much duration ( in minutes) and in which setting ( fps & resolution)
4) Is KELVIN COLOIR TEMPERATURE SERTING available in the white balance setting in the dslr?

rasalmoidu says:

Hy.. i'm planning to buy either SL2 or T7i.. which one you recommend. Just stuck with the the 45 focal points in T7i compared to SL2's 9. ? Can anyone help me with this. Do i need to spend 200$ extra..?

I'm into photos more than video.

Matt Smith says:

It would be a good tool for someone looking for a camera, for a beginner youtuber.

Beno Meister says:

How is this compared to the D200?

Triple X says:

Hands down the best review. You should honestly have more subscribers.

suthbiker 55 says:

New sub sir, excellent review. Makes me glad I got one for my girlfriend for her birthday, which is today.

Carlos Martinez says:

i just bought my yesterday and you know what i freaking love it 😎🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

Kimhok FromYT says:

I like your video quality 😀

Millie Reynolds says:

you can pay 850 for a larger set with two lenses on amazon

Pedro Raposo says:

Great video!!!
Should I change my Canon 600D + 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS for this Canon 800D + 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM?!

YoungMoneyGTA5killa says:

its not 1 million views step up your game b

papijelly says:

Ok, got the t7i but I see that the battery life is horrible. Maybe an hour or so depending. How can I extend that battery life? Or what other external power supply setup can I use to make the use of my camera longer.

Tabassum Shaikh says:

Should I buy any updated one released till now

miraculous tears says:

I thought the tzi came out February 26th, 2018?

k. e. says:

great review! i’ve been deciding whether i should get the 800d or the m50. i’m a beginner photography and would appreciate help on deciding between the two! thank you

Mahfuja Shirin says:

i want to know if the plastic body have any side effect

Bokimon says:

Canon is expensive vs nikon.

Larisha Sajhwani says:

Canon t7i or SonyA5100 for beauty blogging/pictures?

J C A says:

This or 80D.. I can't decide!

Shihab Uddin SHB says:

Awesome B roll especially the background is delicious. Awesome work bro. Keep up the awesome work 😀 <3

David S says:

Using XMas lights to simulate bokeh – GENIUS!!

Asad Ali says:

Is there any difference in the varient that has 800d written on it and the one which has t7i written on it ?

Thelema says:

Jim, would you say the SL2 provides similar IQ and overall performance, other than the difference in af points?

Thelema says:

Awesome review, good sir.

Bass Canon says:

Is canon 800d better than Sony alpha a6000 only in photography

IeL Nobre says:

Very nice review!👏🏼

TheA77Way says:

For photos (not video) in both daytime and low light conditions would you recommend the canon T7i or the nikon D5600?

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