Canon T6 vs Nikon D3400 – Best Camera Under $500!

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Hey what’s up everyone, my names Chris Winter and today I’m going to a comparison on two very popular beginerrs DSLRS, firstly the relatively new Canon T6 and also the brand new Nikon D3400.

But anyway, let’s compare these two Beginner DSLRs.

Build Quality

Let’s first take a look at the build quality and features of both of these cameras.

In comparison to larger DSLR’s like the Canon 80d and the Nikon D7200, the Canon t6 and the Nikon d3400 are pretty small actually.

It’s actually pretty incredible just how light manufacturers are able to make DSLR’s these days.

And to me, that’s a good thing because it means you’re more likely to take your camera out and take photos.

In terms of physical size, the T6 is a slightly bigger camera, so if you’re really looking a small, travel camera, the D3400 is probably the way to go.

But in reality, the Canon t6 is only 40 grams heavier than the Nikon so it’s not a huge difference.

Both of these cameras have pretty basic and easy to understand dials at the top, with all the beginner modes you’d expect.

But the good thing is that they both also have full manual control as well for when you want to get a little bit more professional.

One thing that to make note of though is that the Nikon D3400’s kit lens needs to be rotated before you use it. It’s not a big problem once you get used to it, but it can slow you down sometimes.

So overall they’re both very portable, lightweight bodies and to me are in that sweet spot size for small DSLRS.

Now I’ve actually got my hands on a Nikon D3300 as well, so if you’d like me to do a comparison between this and the new D3400, let me know by leaving a thumbs up on this video.

LCD Screen

So let’s turn these cameras around and take a look at the LCD Screens on the back.

Overall both of these cameras have good LCD screens, but they both are missing a few features I’d have like to have seen.

Funnily enough they both have the exact same resolution screens, coming in at 921,600 dots and so as you’d expect, they’re both really quite sharp.

I did however find that the Nikon was slightly easier to see in bright daylight, so if you do a lot of shooting with your LCD outside, it might be the better choice for you.

Now unfortunately both of these cameras are missing articulating screens, which is disappointing especially if you are making videos.

They’re also both missing touch screens which is something I definitely would have liked to have seen, but fortunately the buttons and dials on both cameras are really good so it’s not that big of a deal.

So overall, both cameras have very nice LCD’s, with a few tradeoffs, but if i was to pick a winner it would be the D3400’s.


So I quickly want to touch on the Menus on both the D3400 and the Canon T6.

Now if your used to either the Canon system or the Nikon system, you’ll feel right at home in both of these menus.

They’re both not super in depth, so for beginners they’re not going to scare you off, but if you do go into the Manual settings you can have a few more features.

So both of the menus are good and easy enough to understand, and to be honest you’ll probably prefer the menu system that you are more used to.


So both Canon and Nikon updated these cameras with a few new features including their wireless integration.

So on one hand Nikon has it’s snap bridge system and Canon uses it’s Canon camera connect app.

They both allow you to connect your camera to your smartphone so you can transfer your photos wirelessly.

This is great if you want to upload your nice photos that you’ve taken with your DSLR to places like Instagram and Facebook.

Overall both worked really quite well, although I would say that Nikon’s system is slightly easier to set up.

So it’s definitely a nice feature to have in both cameras.


Let’s talk about video now.

Both the Canon T6 and Nikon D3400 can shoot at 1080p, which for most people, will be great. Now they don’t shoot at 4k, but I wouldn’t expect that in a budget DSLR and in a way, I think it’s good that they don’t as it means the file sizes won’t be huge.


AtlaylaCP says:

Why is this guy not more famous than the terrible DigitalRev???

Photography4Life 490 says:

Nikon is not as good as graphics go but it has better sensors

fiddlegrass says:

Awesome video! Thanks!

John Smith says:

Just as a heads up, this is a camera review with no information on picture quality.

Daycube says:

Canon m50 with the 50mm ef-m lens. Thank you!

Abhijith ss says:

Love your videos …
Really informative

Bedo Uin says:

Thanks for this review Chris….Im gonna Buy D3400…..Cheers

Ruben Sahakian says:

for camera comparison did not see picture side by side review.Its like reviewing a food not talking about how it tastes but how it looks.Overall run of the mill review that appeals to total novices.Please try some more substance

sem syrstad says:

I would choose the Nikon d3400 because I feel like I can trust the hardware and software.

romeo le prince charmant says:

I think Both are good

Mike M says:

A lighter camera makes me more likely to take pics? Dumb.

Youssef says:

Piece of shit annoying marketer. No way you are photographer

Mysterious Gaming says:

I have enough money to buy theses camreas but don't know which one to buy (please tell me which one is better)

Design Geek says:

Nikon Canon or sony….Brand Doesnt matters to me…They all shoots awesome images

EldrakiStorm V says:

I am not really good in english, but did he tell that we can't put microphone on these two camera at 5:19 ? Or i misunderstood something ? :/

Tristan l says:

Nikon 4 life

jai rathore says:

I am still confused please tell me personally that which camera ishould buy i am bigginner and i have low budget. .

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