Canon T6 (1300d) vs T6i (750d) – In Depth Comparison

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So to start off this comparison let’s take a look at the build quality and features of these two cameras.

Now both of these cameras are actually pretty small in comparison to larger sized DSLR’s like the canon 80d or 7D Mark ii. And for a lot of people that might be a good thing.

If you’re going to travelling or walking around with camera all day, both of these cameras will be light enough espeically if you pair them with a small lens like the 18-55 or nifty 50.

Both cameras have a similar button layout and mode dials, but the t6i does have a few more options like iso, and display buttons on top. One thing to note is that if you get the more expensive t6s, you’ll also get a top lcd screen, which can be great if you want to check out to settings on the fly.

On the side of the camera here we’ve got the t6i’s sd card slot, but on the t6, it’s kind in a bit of an odd spot, located in the battery slot. I prefer it on the side but the choice will be up to.


So let’s now take a look at the screens on the back of these cameras.

From afar you can’t really notice a big difference between the two and they both have a similar resolution.

But the great thing about the t6i is that you can actually take the screen out and swivel it. This is called an articulating screen and it’s really useful if you need to get up high or down low to compose your shot. It’s great also if you want to take photos or film yourself like I do to make these videos.

Both screens are really bright and work well outdoors, but I really do like the articulating screen on the t6i.


Something I didn’t mention before was that the t6i has another trick up it’s sleeve and that’s a touch screen.

It might sound a little gimicky having a touch screen but after you use it, you realise just how useful it is.

It makes going through your menu a real breeze and is incredibly quick. On the t6 you need to press the d-pad on the right to move through your menu items, which is not too bad, but a little slower.

But the best part of the touch screen on the t6i is that you can actually use it to focus. All you need to do is tap on the screen on what you want to be in focus, and it smoothly goes into focus. This works on both stills and video mode and it’s awesome.

So it’s definitely a very good feature and one that one might be good to have on the next version of the t6.


Speaking about the menus, both of these cameras are very similar.

They’re both really easy to use and have enough settings to change, that you can really customise your camera.

If you’ve ever use a canon camera before, these will both be very familiar for you.


So another really cool feature that both of these cameras share is wifi & nfc.

This allows you to control your camera using the Canon camera connect app on your phone and also allows you to transfer photos to your phone.

This is great if you want to be able to quickly upload a photo to Facebook or instagram.

I found that the T6 was actually easy to use and setup and you can tell that Canon have improved their software in the last year.


So let’s talk about the burst modes of these two cameras.

The T6 can shoot at a max of 3 shots per second, which isn’t particularly quick but should be fine for most situations, where as the t6i can shoot at 5 frames per second.

For most photography, 3 frames per second will be fine, but if you want to shoot sports or fast moving subjects, the t6i is the way to go.

And speaking about fast moving subjects, autofocus in stills mode is actually pretty good on both of these cameras.


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