Canon SX200 IS Digital Camera Review with Video Tests – 2of2

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In part 2 of my Canon SX200 IS Digital Camera Review I take a look at the features, controls, lens and overall design. You will also find actual video footage in HD taken with the SX200.

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Eka Ramdhani says:

please subtitle Indonesian,, i'm from Indonesian

PD Tech says:

Nice review looks like a great compact pocket camera but that flash popping up right where you hold it would put me off, why doesn't it stay retracted until you turn on the flash? Also the lack of viewfinder is a thing to consider, I know at this price more and more models are without one, I'm quite a traditional.photographer and prefer bringing my camera upto my eye to take a photo, also those screens are terrible to see in bright sunny conditions! 😊👍😎

mahbub alam says:

which is better samsung wb350f or canon sx200 is????

HD Studios says:

Is It Good For Vlogging In Hd???

Geekanoids says:

@gpworx Thank you.

First Warrior says:

I enjoyed watching your video. I also subscribed so I can watch more. Please be sure to subscribe to mine as well.

DisL says:

About the flash popping up, I don't think a firmware update would make it stay closed, the flash seems to be totally mechanical, and works with the zoom. When the zoom opens, the flash opens. (I can't say for sure, I just bought this camera off the internet and I'm waiting to receive it by mail)

Geekanoids says:

@codismylife123 Around $290-$300.

Tom .Ostria says:

how much is 225 pounds in u.s money?

Geekanoids says:

@joesy Thanks for watching.

John Petersen says:

I thank you !! from denmark

Geekanoids says:

@Neander121 Yes, this works fine.

Geekanoids says:

@culpritto No, South East Kent. Many say I sound very London.

RedlightExpressMovie says:

moy full review of the caenon oy-es

Geekanoids says:

@The2Star2TheRight That is bad luck.

dermannmitdernase says:

very noice review and alsou bri'ish accent as well^^

Geekanoids says:

@Ichky Thanks for watching.

Ichky says:

Great Review. Thanks.

Geekanoids says:

@sgtwalk Thanks.

Richard Walker says:

Great video and very detail information.


Real 035 says:

can i charge this camera with the usb ?

Geekanoids says:

@kulduroy04 It was a Sony HDR-HC7.

Mark Vien says:

@davomrmac thanks, am browsing in ebay right now, hope to find a good deal. Cheers.

Geekanoids says:

@316iRacer Well, this is superb, but the new SX210IS has zooming whilst recording.

Mark Vien says:

i am planning to buy this camera, do you really recommend this one? or do you have something else better and with the same price range, thanks mate. hope for an answer.

compass says:

I've seen a few reviews complaining about the pop-up flash, and I don't know if people realized this, but you CAN push down the flash with your finger, which disables the flash, even if flash is on on the camera.

Allen Glint says:

Can it take 16:9 photo?

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