Canon SX 740 HS Review and 4K Zoom Video Test and Vlog Test

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Canon PowerShot SX740 Digital Camera Review and 4k Video Test
Canon Powershot SX 740 HS:
SD card for Canon SX 740 HS:
Panasonic Lumix ZS 70:
Canon Powershot SX 730 HS:

Today I’m looking at the Canon SX 740HS, Compact Zoom Camera. The Canon Powershot SX 740 HS is Canon’s most recent addition to the SX 700 series lineup. Last year, I reviewed the SX 730HS which is almost identical to the Canon 740 HS, except for 4K video shooting capabilities which is new to the Canon Powershot SX 740 HS. And talking about 4K video, I’ll tell you more about the camera’s 4K performance, a little later in this video and we’ll talk about how it performs as a vlogging camera. On the outside though, the Canon SX 740 HS is almost identical to the older Canon SX 730, with an all-metal body construction, a 40x retractable zoom lens, which makes it easy to carry around, and a nicely designed grip which makes it very pleasant to use. All the buttons on the top are also intuitively laid out and have a nice solid feel to them. They don’t feel plasticky or cheap. I especially like the placement and feel of this mode dial which makes it really easy to switch shooting modes. The shutter button also has a zoom toggle built-in, like most point and zoom cameras and the lens extends and retracts very smoothly. It also a microphone on top, which is really helpful, if you plan to use it as a vlogging camera, since it doesn’t have a mic jack for an external mic. More about the vlogging performance in a minute. The camera also has a pop-up flash tucked into the top. Very helpful, as you’ll notice when I test it in low-light. Most of the rear surface is covered by this extremely sharp 3.0 inch LCD which both tilts and flips up, again making it perfect for vlogs and selfies. The screen is actually a really nice one. It’s bright enough to use outdoors and the colors all look very natural. And since it tilts to various angles, you can take pictures of objects on the ground without getting on your knees. The menus and options are laid out in typical Canon fashion – which is a really good thing, in case you’re wondering. Everything is simple, intuitive and easy to find. All the other buttons are also laid out almost exactly where you’d expect to find them. And while it doesn’t have a mic jack, it does have a micro usb port and a micro hdmi port on the side. It uses Canon’s NB-13 battery which lives in this compartment on the bottom, along with the SD card. Now, it’s important to remember that since this camera shoots 4K video, you want to make sure to buy a card that’s fast enough to handle 4K. I’ll leave a link to one I recommend, right below the video, in case you’re looking to buy one. And if you’re wondering, you can also mount the camera to any standard tripod or gimbal, using the ¼-20 mount on the bottom.


Ikhtiyar Ahmed says:

Is it touchscreen?

Marta says:

Considering this camera as my first camera to start up youtube. Thank you for a really nice and detailed though compact review!

Drie says:

Amazing video man, pulling the trigger on this!

Ummi Ella says:

I just bought. And I am going to explore it.

Thank you for Yr video..

mohd DAWOOD says:

v good video. plz tell me best camara for for good video quality under 25k Indian rupees

Bart Kolodziejczak says:

Your video was very helpful, thanks for taking the time!!!

Kevin Davis says:

Nice video, thanks.

Julie Gage says:

I got the sx740 for Christmas as a gift and here I am still researching cameras so I can decide to exchange/return before the return period ends. Here are my thoughts about the sx740:
I like the way it looks and feels, there are good feature options, images are good for a point and shoot, and the zoom is great.
I wanted a camera that could take better images then my Google Pixel 2xl. Although I normally have my phone on me, I have missed out on taking many pictures because my phone battery is low or I don't want to take the chance on damaging my phone by taking it in and out of my purse. (I miss the old days where I had my Samsung 105ti 35mm film camera to solely rely on and ran to develop my 24-36 pictures when the film was done vs over the years having 20,000 pictures on memory cards left undeveloped.)
Back to the sx740. I know it has a bigger sensor then my Pixel 2xl but really I haven't seen much difference. I don't care of the 4k feature (to me that feature is for marketing purposes to get a buyer to buy a camera just as 4k TV's). I use a camera for images mostly. I feel the sx740 is more of a vlogging camera.
Overall, in my opinion this is a good camera but it isn't for me unless I decided to jump on the You tube vlogging train. For the price of the camera, there are cheaper options that will deliver the same as point and shoot cameras go. My 6 year old Samsung PL120 14mp and my 8 year old Kodak easyshare c195 are the same quality.
Thank you for a
Including your smartphone comparison in this video, it was helpful and true in my case with my Google pixel 2xl (same camera specs as the pixel 3/3xl)

Zinxid says:

I’m trying to find a good camera for concerts do you guys know if this one would be good

Sunny Boy says:

Can it shoot 1080p at 60fps?

Orkam esas says:

I bought it, It make a focus problemen during photo and video shuting. During the video shuting doesn' want to make focus, İmposible make clear video and photo.

Sarvesh dhaybar says:

Does it have touchscreen

Kimberly Crick Art says:

I bought the Panasonic – LUMIX DC-ZS70 instead and have been amazed with how crisp/clear/sharp the 4k video is. I read someone's comment about being able to change the sharpness settings on this canon though, and I wondered if you have tried shooting video after adjusting those settings to see if it was less "soft"? (They said after hitting the menu button while on video setting you can change it to "standard" instead of "auto" then bring up some menu including sharpness/contrast.) I am really curious if that helps at all.

Noam Kovac says:

It would be nice if you could give a slow-motion review of the camera

Hussein Kefel says:

Nice review well done👍

Shaunz World says:

I love mine. It does everything I want at the moment. The quality pics and vids are amazing! The size is a plus too

pauline chai says:

Great video! Which one do you suggest for vlogging camera? Sony HX90v or canon sx740hs?

good_boi says:

I just bought the 730 and I'm so angry at myself.

Tori Assise says:

when I plug in my canon sx 740 into my Mac and try to import videos to my computer it says certain files are zero kb and it won't let me import or even click on them. I've imported videos from my camera before its certain videos. please respond with a possible answer.

Ameer Naeem says:

Zs 70 is the best

Kurt in New York says:

Just bought this camera a week or so ago. I have 2 G model point and shoots so familiar with the concept. Reviews elsewhere panned the sharpness of the lens – I did not see this at all. Very sharp, as noted – good colors. Definitely a long zoom, a steady hand or support a benefit. First thing I noticed is this camera is equipped only for a wrist strap, not a over the head strap. Not sure about this. Also while I understand many have no desire to read the manual –  an old-timer like me needs to know how to do things, what was included in the box was more of a quick start guide than anything of substance. Are we really saving trees? Or money for Canon! Thanks for the review.

Md Sofik says:

Vai dam koto hbe

Jasmine Ngai says:

Hello! I really want to get a vlogging camera but am not sure what model to get…so far I think that the Canon SX730 is more worth it than the SX740 so I am debating between the SX730 vs Canon G7X. I am wondering if you think the SX730 is more worth it for its price point or is the G7X more worth it?

Prajakta Dhuri says:

Hi ReviewLamp, Thanks for ur review! Does "Canon Powershot SX 740 HS" supports slow motion videos & how is the portrait mode? does it give bokeh effect?

Jason Flaherty says:

Can this charge via USB? Also, I have the Panasonic ZS70 and really don't like it. I use it exclusively for shooting 4k video. Its auto focus seems to have a really hard time and the settings are too fiddly. It's interesting that I'm looking to get rid of that camera with maybe this Canon one and you recommend it.


Love your reviews all are awesome can you do a review on canon sx430

Mybdy Beautiful says:

Outstanding review. I recently purchased this camera. Thanks for the memory card recommendations.

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