Canon PowerShot SX740 HS review | your next vlogging camera? | travel camera with 4K video

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Hello YouTube watchers and welcome to the review about the edelkrone “standone”. A great mini tripod, which can folded and heavy loaded.

+++ PROS +++

1. Compact and fits in almost every pocket
2. A lot of zoom
3. 4K video with timelapse movie
4. Selfie display
5. 10 fps

+++ CONTRAS +++

1. has no advantages over its predecessor
2. no panorama-mode
3. battery goes empty quite quick while recording video


Melanie & Daniel, Roberto & Alissa, Akbar und Fabian

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Vince Mendoza says:

I appreciate your video however you're a bit absurd asking for features in a low price camera.

Bbk Santi says:

Will I be able to record with this camera and then make it go to my camera roll on my iPhone 6s?

MasterBetaNYC1 says:

HD Review of 4K camera 🙁

대구FC걸-DAEGU FC Girl says:


Bruin says:

Nice review, thank you!

Bbk Santi says:

Can u transfer videos to my iPhone 6s?lets say the video is 15 minutes

Madeleine MGlam says:

what about the mic do I need an extra mic or the mic that is include is good?

Edward M says:

I wish the 4K video frame rate was 120

Addy Reel says:

How do I put the sd card in

Kennie MusicLovers says:

hello…, how is this SX 740 compare to Canon G7 Mark

MBGent says:

Can you set the selftimer to 30sec on the sx740?

vira. my - Arena of Tech says:

Is there a recording limit for 1080p 60fps videos?

boniface mbilinyi says:

Best review , thank you Dan

Amir Abdullah says:

Thanks for the video Daniel, could we Blur the background while recording? And how long can this camera record the video? Thanks in advanced

fLoReN BaRbeR says:

Ive recently bought one for myself and i cant wait to arrive 👍😉

Joe Framo says:

I can see that you're an amateur you don't know very much about cameras I could tell the way you handle the camera I watch a lot of YouTube videos on this camera and they come out beautiful especially on the stabilization yeah you got a lot to learn yet buddy

Rodel Pinlac says:

Nice review

Epeli R says:

I was looking at this camera when i was in best buy i kept on using it because it had good quality and it can zoom in from small places.

Caitlyn Wisher says:

Imo: panorama sucks. But other than that I truly enjoy my sx740 hs. Great pics great zoom and once spring comes around then I'll be testing out my macro on the camera. I do believe any camera can take a good photo. It's all about the user too.

Stephanie Billy says:

Is it a touch screen?

Blue51 says:

After buying two of those cameras, do not get it, both of the cameras the audio was poor and even in daylight the video was poor

KFC Cruiser says:

sorry yes it does, just saw the comment that it is limited, How?

KFC Cruiser says:

Thanks, nice review, it have Time lapse, if not is there another camera in this pocket category that does have Time lapse.

knoxieman says:

Great review, I have the 720 and might upgrade to this to get 4K, lack of panorama mode is no issue, in camera panorama stitching takes time and is never very good, just take a sequence of photos and stick them together in photo stitch of Photoshop gives you much more freedom and will always provide better quality panoramas than using the in camera modes in other cameras.

The zoomed shot of the Hollywood sign showed you just how bad air pollution is in LA, quite shocking, thanks for a great review, although I would love to find this camera for $250 here in the UK, dollar price here in the UK for this camera is $440, we do get ripped off though over here in the UK, they call it rip off Britain or treasure Island. 🙂

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