Canon PowerShot SX730 HS Review and Vlog HD Video Test and Zoom Test

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Canon PowerShot SX730HS Review and Vlog Video Test & Zoom
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Today I’m reviewing the Canon Powershot SX730 Point and Shoot camera. On the outside the Canon Powershot SX730 looks like almost any other Point-n-shoot zoom camera on the market. However, it does for some reason have a premium feel to it. Most of the parts seem to be made of metal and the camera has a nice balanced, weighted feel to it. Almost no part of it feels cheap or flimsy. The Canon Powershot SX730 HS is also currently available in two colors, black and silver. I’ll leave links to both versions below. It has a 40x zoom lens on the front and I’ll show you how that zoom performs, in a minute. The lens covers a 0.5 inch sensor which is somewhat standard equipment for zoom cameras in this price range. The top has it’s stereo microphone and a couple of buttons on it. It also has a mode dial which pretty much has all the settings most canon DSLRs have and this is really useful for quickly changing camera modes. My favorite though is the positioning of the video record button, which I feel couldn’t have been placed any better. The pop-up flash is also embedded into the top surface of the Canon Powershot SX730HS and is activated through this button on the side. As with almost every other camera, The Canon Powershot SX730HS has a standard set of buttons on the rear face, next to it’s 3 inch display. The screen doesn’t pull outwards like other cameras, but can be adjusted to several angles and can be flipped up for selfies and more importantly, vlogging. More about the vlog video quality in a minute. The menus and options on the Canon Powershot SX730 HS are neatly and intuitively laid out and easy to find, despite not having a touchscreen. I especially liked the quick access menu on the main display which allows you to make quick changes to settings.


•mark jerome• says:

sana mag karoon ako nyan wish kuyan:(

Kyla Ivory says:

does it have the wifi thing where u can transfer photos through wifi?

Charles Wendt says:

I like mine

Chidz Hustle says:

oh yes, amazing review lol you sold me on buying it, the vlog part helped me for sure since that's the main reason i'd want it! ty ty

Milind Babar says:

How much hours we can continuous record video?

a mamãe faz! says:

Love the review, thanks

Tori Griggs says:

Since we can't add an external mic, what is the best option for better sound?

Casually Bianca says:

impressive, impressive review.

JE7U Da Legend says:

Does it have a SD card slot

SBS7888K says:

My low light shots have this redish specks in them, am i doing anything wrong

Tin Minute Book Reviews says:

This was a VERY helpful video. We just purchased the Canon Powershot Sx730 for book review channel. Thanks again

T H A I - H A N N A H x says:

How long does it last filming for ?

sandy young says:

which camera is good for travel blogger ?

Dabo Marley says:

Hi ,it's there any remote control to operate this camara????

Brooke Hutton says:

This was really helpful! Thank you!

Ron Randolph Ramos says:

Whats the maximum capacity this camera can handle like… 64gb, 128gb.. do you know?

Wayne Jarrell says:

Excellent video.

Capitan Vlogs says:

I like the zoom of the camera, great range!!! Ideal for cinematic shots!!

Michael Coburn says:

I have this camera and make my vlog on it. Check it out. But I don't have the 60 fps in my menu. Did they just add it or discontinue it on the model?


Best reviews channel, good job👏

Taco Pig says:

Does the flash work on the video mode with this one? I got the sx540 in a big sale from £445 to £150 and as I’m new to the whole photography thing all I saw was a big savings deal and bought it in a hurry and I’ve been unable to get the flash to work whilst videoing on the sx540 and unable to find info online so I’ve got my eye on this one for a budget video camera until I save enough for a better one or find someone willing to buy my current one I’ve only had for 3 months. I use my current cam for nail art pics, natural hair blogging and family event pictures which come out nicely but I’ve also been asked to photograph someone’s wedding after I brought my tripod ring light thing to their party and got good photos, so I gotta find a better camera with better focus and flash that works whilst filming and this one looks to be the one. Thank you in advance for any tips!

PC Gaming & Sports says:

Please do a video on SX740HS , thanks

Krystle N says:

This is a good review. I do t need 4k video this is affordable and has the feature I want. That flip camera is nice! I went and looked at one at best buy and thought I need to look up reviews

rachel the sleepy person says:

In the part where you recorded yourself speaking with this camera, were you using an external mic or the internal mic?

Keylin Rivers says:

So helpful! I was looking for a more affordable (well less pricey than the other options) camera, and I think this is it!

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