Canon PowerShot SX720 HS | hands on this MEGAZOOM | VLOGGING | TRAVEL camera | review in English

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Hello dear Canon friends,

Here we are, back for you in Frankfurt am Main with the successor of the Canon PowerShot SX710 HS, namely the Canon PowerShot SX720 HS. Great and small travel camera with a long zoom, up to 40-times optical zoom, 80-times zoom plus with a focal length of 24-960mm. Of course you may do VLOGGING with this camera as well, but don`t expect to see yourself, because this camera does not have a flip screen. But! It records 1080p videos with up to 60 fps, so good for slow motion videos during sports or other fast activities. Many more information on this cheap VLOGGING CAMERA with WiFi in this English review.

Your Alissa, Roberto and Daniel

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Roku Tv says:

I have this camera. Really don't use it much. Simple snap and shoot. $233.00 online from Canon. (P.s.) memory card is a must $10

Elizabeth Farrell says:

nice vid! Thanks for this. 😀

Hasanthi Manohari says:

Which color is that camera body ? looks like graphite.

Bree linker says:

What mode was the camera in to get those shots of the pigeon? I'm taking pictures of my son running around and they're blurry. I am not experienced at all with cameras

Wisty Sky says:

Thank you for this review. I ordered this camera tonight. I love hearing German and your accent speaking English.

GoodTimeD 69 says:

Can't set up my canon power shot sx720 hs. It reads in Japan. (I want to break it)

Michael Anthony says:

Can you use your smartphone as a monitor?

Travis Kraft says:

Is it me, or does the picture quality seem really bad when it is zoomed all the way in?

Andrew Hall says:

How do you get the audio to work mine is so scratchy

LUKE wheatley says:

Needs holders each side for a neck strap

Dasia Weston says:

Can someone please tell me how to record a video on this camera every time I try to take a video it takes a picture idk what I’m doing wrong.

Amy Walker says:

Just saw this camera last night at a store and had a hard time getting it to focus with extreme zoom. I need a good, fast easy-to-use camera to take on safari and don't want to miss a lot of good shots due to the zoom not working. Is there an "auto" setting one can put this camera on so you can just point and shoot and not worry about making sure all the settings are right? Is it poissible a camera setting had been changed making auto focus with extreme zoom not work properly? Thanks

hamidreza t says:

when iso is more than 400 in this camera the noises show themselves its not like the video

Anastasiadancer says:

Thank you for this review. Much appreciated. Next I have to learn what all these settings and buttons are. 🙂

Margo Smith says:

Nice review. Straightforward & clear. You seem to have covered everything & gave me enough knowledge to go & "play" with it because "practice" makes "perfect". Do you know if this camera has a panorama view"

Fabulous Sport Outdoors Photography says:

Good video thanks for sharing! I love this little camera too.. The only problem I had can be solved this way:

Hills Xiang says:

Have blur effect?

Loreen Mamdouh says:

Thanks alot for this review ..plz what do u recommend sony hx90v or nikon a900 or this canon .knowing that all what i use is still shots and i really care about sharpness .

Ali G says:

How would this camera be for video recording–15-30 minute recording sessions? How would the battery hold up?

Dakkul Tech says:

these cameras has an impressive zoom, it won my choice

Tomek K. says:

Thanks for this review!
I do not know much about cameras and photography.
Problem with the camera that I have now is when I take a picture outside of someone who is on a bright background, his face is always dark.
Will this camera help me solve this problem?

Marcus Matthew says:

Slow motion?

Antking1117 says:

should you pay the extra money for the sx720 over the sx620?

stephen O'CONNELL says:

Great review i am going to Thailand next month i am not sure to get the canon sx730 or the sx720 i do like the canon G7X but i here with the canon G7x it collects dust in the lens.
But i want to say vielen Dank

CentreMax Gaming says:

I just started using one

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