Canon PowerShot SX720 HS Camera Review

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Canon’s latest 40x travel camera is long on zoom, but there are better options out there for the price.

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Fitness Doktoru says:

Makine harika 🙂

datapro007 says:

What a shock. You don't get a noise-free photo with a 40x zoom with a 1-2/3 sensor. This is a fun camera none-the-less.

Z15TEEN says:

You saved me lots of money.😘

Damian Możdżeń says:

It should be called camera compare, not review.

Rocco Lomphoy says:

Is there time lapse on the screen 720 hs?

Ruggery Valdivia says:

Lol Can you actually review instead of making so many suggestions

Kamil Lisowski says:

How You can get worse
results on optic zoom? Did u know anything about optics? Make shot by long lens dslr with the same weather condition results will be the same moron take binoculars and take a look very far when Is hot like on that picture and what U see??…. Moron

Bimmer Won says:

The optical zoom in no way affects the quality of the picture. I don't know what kind of crack this guy is smoking but the only thing that affects picture quality at long range is digital zoom and atmospheric disturbances. I got this camera and I'm impressed with it for the price.

WillCool Vlogs says:

Dude at the end when you said buy another camera, Dude that was stupid this camera sx720 is way better than those. I have one and it is awesome !

EncryptedStriker says:

Man ur making me not buy the camera u stupid ur voice is so negative

WorldPrez says:

Lol the Nikon and Panasonic recommended are $100+ more expensive, I would hope they are a little better

RR redaxis says:

i got this camera and its total shit! very bad low light performance

fisherman99x says:

So this seems to be a review about zoom… Not much else.

U R NOT ME says:

U SUCK at reviewing.

nengalitta says:

which one is better, sx720 or sx420?

Elle More says:

I bought the sx710 and returned it. The firmware and layout was too dated. I went back and brought the sx720 and it's an incredible camera. Must nicer than the predecessor I'm not sure why the review is so harsh on the sx720 I've shot beautifully with it.

Peter Gplus says:

Does the flash bounce??? No "reviewer" cares to check that.

TheMaan2008 says:

Is there a way to use this with an external microphone? Any way…? Maybe just adapters, but

Marco Flores says:

thanks man i was about to but the cannon but you introduced me to nikon and im in love

juliana menestrina says:

Should I get a canon powershot sx720 or the canon powershot 530hs?

RoughDog#86 says:

Overall, this camera is pretty solid v/s the competition (Sony). In terms of specs, the 720HS is just as good as the Sony if not better. If you know how to operate the 720HS, you can get some fantastic shots!

RC-The Indian Rail World says:

which is better battery life sx710 or sx720 ?

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