Canon Powershot SX620 HS Review and Photo & Zoom HD Video Test, Wifi Test

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Canon Powershot SX620 HS Review and Photo, Zoom Video Test, Wifi
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Today I’m looking at the Canon SX620HS compact zoom camera. The Canon Powershot Sx620 HSSX620 is currently available in 3 colors. The beautiful red I have today, Black and silver. I’ll leave links to all three colors below. The CANON POWERSHOT SX620 HS comes with a built-in 25x zoom lens on the front and I’ll show you the zoom test in a minute. What’s nice about the zoom lens is that it neatly retracts into the body making the Canon SX620 a very compact camera to carry around. It measures in at a little under 4 inches in length, by about 2.5 inches tall by about an inch deep. A nice, compact unit to carry around when you travel. The body is made from plastic but has a nice, sturdy construction. I also like how the Canon SX620 HS handles. While the grip isn’t deep, the it’s very comfortable to hold and use. As with other Canon Point-n-shoots, it has a its on-off button and shutter button, surrounded by the zoom toggle, on the top surface. That surface also neatly hides a pop-up flash, which can come in very handy for shots in low-light conditions. The buttons on the rear face are also very neatly arranged and intuitive to use. The SX 620’s main interface and viewfinder is it’s 3inch LCD screen which is really sharp and bright, even outdoors. The only thing I am not a big fan of is that the screen doesn’t flip over for vlogs and selfies. So don’t expect this to be your first vlogging camera. However, I do like canon’s simple, clean design of the menu and options- definitely a pleasure to use. The Canon SX620 is powered by a Canon NB 13L battery which lives in this compartment on the bottom with it’s SD card. Very pleasantly, Canon also includes a standalone battery charger, unlike other manufacturers who usually only include a charge cable. This allows you to swap batteries out while your depleted battery recharges. And when it comes to SD cards I recommend using at least a Class 10 SD card, if you plan to record full HD video. I’ll leave a link to one I recommend, below the video. The right hand face of the camera also has a micro usb port to connect the camera to a computer and a micro hdmi connector, in case you need to connect it to a monitor or TV. Canon also provides a lanyard which makes it easy to carry around. The 620 also has a ¼-20 tripod thread, in case you ever need to mount it to a travel tripod like this one. I’ll leave a link to this cool joby travel tripod below the video, in case you need one.


Michael J. McFadden says:

VERY easy to use for both amazing telephoto/televideo abilities AND detailed close-ups of insects! Can't post a picture on here, but would otherwise post anice shot of a flea that can fill up my 27" video screen and allow me to count the hairs on its legs! It's suffered minor/moderate drops a few times without damage and can fit in my pants pocket. Have had it for about a year without a single problem.

Mark Borrenbergs says:

I just bought one. I still have to get it and test it, so this afternoon (Dutch time) you will get a response.

Ces Ci says:

Thank you!!

The Tony Cam says:

Hi. Does it have a minimum internal memory or does it need an sd card to work at all?

Taygun TERZİCİ says:

Which iPhone model is equal or better than canon powershot Sx620 hs image quality ? I use iPhone 6s. Is it worth?

Blondie SL says:

Great video and thanks.
Two questions though. I noticed in the video shot with the 2 birds, zoomed right in, the auto focus was really trying to focus and therefore, going in and out of focus.
Does this model of camera have an option to disable Auto focus and allow manual focus?

Secondly, I notice that the screen appears to be a 4:3 format rather than 16:9.
When taking pictures or videos, can they be done in 16:9 format and will the screen add top and bottom black spaces so that you "see" 16:9 on the screen, rather than 4:3 filled?

stephanie bendall says:

I currently looking into a point and shoot for metal concerts. It is challenging as the extreme lights can drown out photos than the photos don't turn out well. Does anyone know if this won't have that issue?

Gokul Sree Gokulam says:

can it recordings slow motion videos

Jojie channel says:

im buying 1 tomorow🍻

Aynsley Chaloupka says:

I borrowed one of these from my mom for my Grand Canyon trip. A someone who would use either my phone or a Nikon with a detachable lens, I liked this happy medium. The zoom was better than all of the Nikon lenses I currently own. A little color correction in lightroom really made these pop, especially in ample light. I'm definitely looking into buying one of these of my own. It's a great vacation shooter.

TheUK33 says:

Is this camera have panoramic view?

Rio Winaryo says:

If you own this you should have a phone with crappy camera but you should have lots of internal or external space of storage. I own Canon eos m but i never use it cause i have the best smartphone with Leica in it that's why i never use my Canon. 🙄😒

Vipin Vm says:

Excellent review presentation with all the aspects covered well. This is really useful for me to confirm buying it. Thanks 🙏

Betty Eskdale says:

I am trying to figure out how to stop action, my larger sure shot had a kids and dogs selection, thank you for this video.

h h says:

How do I get the flash to pop up??

James says:

Can you charge while using?

Kamo Mankga says:

great review

Josee Wan says:

I had an S110 Canon. The lens got jammed and now I am looking for another canon camera. For back-up, Will I be able to use the batteries of the S110 camera in the SX620? Your advice will be much appreciated.

Mónica Gonzales Lopez says:

How do I set it back to all automatic? I change setting and the I wanted to go back to how the camera come with original but idk how? 🙂

Kristian179 says:

but I'm guessing you can manually change the aperture like with the other cameras in the series, mainly the ELPH series!

Kyrsten Peacock says:

Can you use the flash feature while recording? If so how?

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