Canon PowerShot SX50 HS Digital Camera Review-A Good All-Around Camera

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Canon PowerShot SX50 HS Camera Review. This camera takes excellent snapshots and video as well. I think this a good all around camera and it has an awesome 52 power zoom lens. I’ve been using this camera to make all of my cooking videos. I think it’s an excellent camera for the price.


Electronicdawg says:

So that is why I am doing a review of this camera. Because I now absolutely nothing about cameras and I am a dummy!

AnaRitinha29 says:

okay so this camera doesnt bring the cable to pass the photos of the camera to the computer … where can i buy one?

Taylor Mackenzie says:

I noticed that you commented that you can't connect an external mic, is the sound quality on the mic it has decent or not?

frazer hainsworth says:

can you add an external mike?

heykeyonne says:

i love this video it helped

pscans1234 says:

I just bought this camera factory refurbished for $240. Its very nice

Ciera Taylor says:

How much did that extra remote cost.

Milos Petkovic says:

Please help me 😀 I want to buy this camera but its not DSLR.. Can someone tel me what means DSLR and is this camera good for beginners? sorry for bad English -.-

Denise Long Shiflett says:

What about pictures? I don't think I heard you say it takes great photos, I only heard it takes great videos.. I really want this camera. How much was the remote? And how long is the cord? And can you make it longer by buying more to attatch? Thanks!

Abdulrahman M says:

Is the remote comes with the camera
Or separately
And how much the price?

Crystal McEldowney says:

Thanks for sharing. Looks look a really nice camera. Sounds like you shopped around and found a deal, great work. I'm glad you found a fun new toy (hopefully not too stressful. Hehe).

OldManCooking says:

Yea buddy…. Bout time you put up a video.. Where the heck you been? LOL  🙂

Juanelo1946 says:

I love that zoom, TinMan! I remote shutter control is nifty. The ability to turn the preview screen around to see yourself is the thing I like the best! I don't know much about photography either, but this model sure does pack a punchl! Great deal!

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