Canon Powershot SX430 IS Review and HD Test Videos and Photos

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Canon Powershot SX430 IS Review and HD Test Videos and Photos
Link to Canon SX 430 IS:
Link to Canon SX 420 (USA):
Link to SX 430 Spare batteries:
Link to Panasonic FZ 300 (4K and Flip Screen):

Today I’m reviewing the Canon Powershot SX430 IS superzoom camera. This is Canon’s latest offering in it’s 400 series range of budget superzoom cameras. A note to my US viewers: The Canon SX430 isn’t officially being sold in the US. You can certainly buy the camera through third party importers, and I’ll leave a link to where you can buy one, right below this video. Or you can opt for the extremely similar Canon SX420 which is almost identical to this one and is officially sold by Canon in the US. I’ll leave a link to that as camera as well, right below the video. On the outside, the Canon SX430 IS looks like almost any other Canon zoom camera. However, it is surprisingly compact and lightweight, weighing in at a paltry 320g. This is great, since most people will probably want to use this camera while on vacation. The body is almost entirely built from plastic, but feels very solid and balanced. While the grip is on the smaller side, due to its compact size, it’s pretty comfortable to use even with one hand. The Canon SX 430 IS’s overall layout is also pretty intuitive and simple. It has a 45x zoom lens on the front-more about its zoom capabilities in a moment. The top face has an on-off button and a shutter button that’s surrounded by the extremely important zoom toggle. The top face also has a pop-up flash tucked away beneath it. One thing to note is that the flash has to be flipped open manually- there is no button to flip it open. The rear face also continues with the theme of intuitive simplicity. All the buttons are easy to reach- I especially like the placement of the video record button. The most important feature of the rear face is the 3 inch screen. The screen is pretty decent, even outdoors in the bright sunlight. The menus and options are also very easy to access and select, in typical canon fashion. However, it isn’t a touchscreen and more importantly doesn’t swivel or flip- so this camera won’t work for vlogs or selfies. If you’re looking for a vlogging camera in this price range, I can certainly suggest a few other options. There is a USB AV port on the right hand side. The battery and Sd card are located in this compartment on the bottom and it does come with a standard sized tripod mount. The big question though, is how does it perform. The camera can take pictures as large as 20MP and stores them as JPEGs. The image quality, as you can see from these test shots is pretty decent. The colors are pleasantly reproduced, in trait found in most Canon cameras and the pictures are reasonably well-exposed. You can also produce a reasonably shallow depth of field, using the camera’s zoom capabilities for nice, soft backgrounds in pictures. It is certainly not the sharpest zoom camera out there, but is decent enough for vacation photographs and video. One area where the camera truly excels, is it’s phenomenal zoom range. The helps with both photos and video, as you can see from this shot. The image stabilization was also pretty decent at keeping everything reasonably steady even at full zoom. For even steadier superzoom shots, I recommend keeping a tripod handy. The video quality in general, is pretty decent, however it only shoots video in 720p, which is somewhat disappointing, considering that even several smartphones shoot in 4K. Canon really ought to add 4K in more of its entry-level cameras.

So is the Canon SX430 worth buying. Well, it really depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive zoom camera to take on vacation, the Canon SX430 is a decent option. It is pretty well built, takes good pictures and has quite an impressive zoom range. And if you’re in the US, I recommend buying the almost-identical Sx420 instead. I’ll leave a link to both cameras below. However, if you’re looking for a vlogging camera or a camera with 4K, I recommend investing in the superb Panasonic FZ300- the FZ300 shoots in 4K and has a flip screen for vlogging. I’ll leave a link to that camera below as well. Hope this review was useful, if it was, please hit that LIKE button and subscribe for more reviews, unboxings and how-to videos. Thanks for watching and see you on the next one.


The Swordsmaster says:

Does this have a Manual Mode or somewhat like that?
Where I can adjust the ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed?

sardar ji says:

it is good for photo shoot…? it gives the background blurness effect?

Lavondre Van Eden says:

Would this be okay for beginner youtube videos????

Kafir The Infidel says:

Can you plz tell me a camera in this price range that shoots full HD videos?

Kafir The Infidel says:

Can we shoot full HD videos?

Pekang Official says:

Not bad camera

Bennie Leip says:

To bad you didn't made pictures of that lake to show how much better the pictures are compared to the video but nice review and would this camera also be good for at night making pictures from streets with only street lights showing ?

m.luqman luqman says:

Please review night video .👍

paperboy says:

I have a Canon 1100D , does it use the same battery? I'd like to buy it for travel and for the superzoom

Md Harun says:

আমার একটা আছে খুবই ভালো

Psy Tech & Vlogger says:

Hi bro can tell in this budget any clogged camera

Marius Grønseth Olsen says:

so im looking for a small camera like this reason being my phone camera stopped focusing properly and I'm not carrying around my dslr everywhere, can I expect simular quality pictures from the camera to the iPhone camera or worse/better

I know AppleOS says:

It looks SOO CUTE!

Александр Пащенко says:

НЕ вздумайте покупать, это полное го.но, шумы на фото нереальные, в помещение телефон лучше снимает чем эта камера

Karry Petersen says:

Just get a iphone 11

Mr Stone says:

can u suggest a camera of this price…i wanna make some reaction videos and stream webcam…

SlushyyBTW says:

not really worth it

Jake Lonergan says:

Thanks so much for your “point and shoot” reviews. While this category of camera is disappearing it is still my preferred photography device, especially for vacation use. I just don’t want to lug around a bigger camera but also don’t want to use my phone.

Stk_Stats says:

How much da can costs

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