Canon PowerShot SX 160 IS digital camera review – Affordable 16 MP superzoom camera

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Our full review of the SX 160 IS in ENGLISH ( and GERMAN ( The camera is available at ( or (


Kuya Frank says:

Thanks for the tips sir..
Done subs you sir..
Lets hug to hug sir.. thanks

Glen Dhlamini says:

Can the PowerShot be used for video blogging

Bruce Elias Robert says:

I use this for my youtube videos and it works great. I have been using it for 4 years and now it has dust inside the inside the lens. Is there a way to clean them? Thank you.

Luke Ebejer says:

Is this digital or dslr

Bill Denezpi says:

Is there any way to change the shutter speed on that camera?? Anybody know how?

UrAvgRasian says:

I wish it had 1920 x 1080 but it's 1920 x 720 so it isn't as great but still records HD shots. For this camera. I suggest a 16GB SD card only if your taking high quality pictures or longish videos. They can consume space fairly quickly.

nits boy says:

how to put in charge?

Harlee Frye says:

I got mine for $45.00!!!!

Jackal_21 says:

Can you tell me if I can make the camera to focus faster when filming in HD fast objects like airplanes, fast cars etc? It has moments when the object is in blur for 1-2 sec then it makes the focus.

chevon1920 says:

I get so FRUSTRATED with these videos. Why not put the video footage from the camera in THIS review. Why do I have to go to the blog, EGH!!

elimonjal says:

I got mine on special at for $ 79.00 !!

LPSjenna says:

there is flash right…?

Nick Colonna says:

Its actually 10.0 megapixels

Nick Colonna says:

Its actually 10.0 megapixels

Yeti Hairyman says:

I bought this camera yesterday so only 1 day old and even though it literally inhales the energy of batteries it performs admirably for what you pay.  Finding the optimum settings is key and (no wifi) to the dolt down below who did not pay attention to the video lol…   You can do Youtube videos however this camera is 720p NOT 1080 HD big difference.  You people need to pull your head out of the sand and check out the Canon website where all the information is there about this camera.  Outside of the battery drainage, due to high powered lens/motor I would give this little gem a 10 rating out of 10 but it scores an 8 due to this tiny setback. 

Asiago says:

Is this camera good for shooting YouTube videos ? would it pass

Nie M Gonzalez says:

Canon Black PowerShot SX160 IS 16MP 16x Optical Zoom Digital Camera

I Sommer says:

The camera also has Wi-Fi?

I Sommer says:

The camera also has Wi-Fi?

Alek Korman says:

If there were 150 dollars DSLR cameras, I would buy it…

Sabah Alam says:

Sam here! I'm getting a camera instead of a birthday party.

TheNewJoat says:


asianlegend says:

I'm getting this camera for my birthday. It's my first camera, so I'm really excited…

CORE X says:

I don't understand why 25 fps.

Qtrademark says:

Thank you for your comments about this camera and the rechargeable batteries. I'm going buy one today.


Yep, but it will do for emergencies when I need video. Its still an improvement over my last compact.

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