Canon PowerShot S100 Digital Camera Review

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Canon PowerShot S100 Digital Camera Review.

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My photos taken with the S100 can be viewed here

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Tom Jones says:

Good review but you need more light on the camera.

poros vai says:

koto taka Vai

Sandi Small says:

Love the review, but could ou explain what resolution, shutter speed etc. means to the regular 'snapper' as I am please?

Hanoo Haroon says:

اتكلمو عربييييي

iyn1911 says:

Have you experienced any lens error?

Galaxy_Pony says:

Does it voice capture? The Canon Powershot S1000?

Chase Waldal says:

Can someone tell me how you do the really fast shutter speed. He just showed how good it is. How do you set it up to do it. Please help.

Yasmine Scego says:

I want to get this camera for daily vlogging so I wanted to know how the auto Focus is

Steve Phillips says:

Thank you mate good review

Bigloser 124 says:

Does it have a external microphone jack

hashtag it says:

can the ring be used for manual focus in manual mode and video?

sɔıɯoɔ ɔ&ʞ says:

yeah..and damn expensive too!


Can anyone recommend me some good quality compact digital cameras with HD video recording?

Joshua Price says:

Hopefully getting this soon. I don't trust the newer models.

Yawm Saub says:

I have a question about this camera when i turn on the camera it says Memory Card Error…Please help??? Also wats the best setting for the image quality in this camera, Share!!

Megan Stonestreet says:

Can u record video?

B13ProPython says:

you can buy this camera from Cex exchange shop for £150 – big drop since £400

BestCamerasOnline says:

It seems to be a affordable camera that takes great pictures. Nice review!

Kayla Stuart says:

does this video record

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