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The Canon G9 x is the latest addition to the GX series of compact cameras. Built with a 1 inch sensor and the latest Digic 6 processor, the Canon G9 x gives a much improved low light performance.

So how do the tests look? How does it perform? I give you a complete review in this video.

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Niyadasn Nok says:

I really like your camera color you took this vlog.Do you mind to tell you use which camera for this? Skin tone look really good. Thanks in advance.

Miriam L says:

I bought a Cannon G12 several yrs ago & it recently broke. It was so easy to use so I wanted to stay with this same type of camera. I was looking into the Cannon G9X camera & found this video which helps me make a more informed decision, so thank you very much for this informative review! I am so surprised how small it is-I liked holding the solid weight of the G12. Regards from NJ!

Worldwide Darts says:

I thought this would be a good camera for making my Youtube videos. I just need something simple for shooting close up videos while doing dart reviews. I would also like something with a slo-mo feature. Any ideas please? Budget is $400-$500. Thanks

Tiff DIYs says:

does it have a flip screen?

Michael Skweres says:

Hi, I'm considering mark II of GX9 for about 375$. I'm looking for best point and shoot for money of course and it is my first choice for the moment

gary lawrence says:

Excellent review as I decided to get a camera and put down that damn iphone!

Caitlin Philips says:

June 2018: It's got a rebate right now. Total price including tax = $389.00. Better than $500! Ted, do you think it's worth it?

غوكو_ Goku says:

The camera u are using ? What kind it

Ayeshaa.G says:

is the lense built in or can i change it?

Khmer Music HD says:

Hello dear! Thanks for the video. I got a question. I can't decide Between G9x ii and G7x ii which one is the choice to spend the money too. Please recommend me. Thanks

LoneDire _Wolf says:

This or the Sony HX90V?

Sir Gregory says:

In Australia the midday summer sun is exceptionally bright. You have to use your own shadow to see smart phone screens. Without a viewfinder, how do you think this camera will perform when only "mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun"?

Munky332 says:

I'm looking for a sub-300$ camera, similiar to this. even used the G9X (first versions even) are still going for 350$ or so. I'd consider a cerified refurb, but i'm looking for a non-DSLR camera in the sub-300$ range and I just cannot find anything I like. also been looking at stuff like the Panasonic ZS100 and Sony RX100. any recommendations?

Most of what i would be shooting would be up-close technical stuff that I can convert to 3d model and then 3d print, some stuff larger, like vehicles, planes, engines, etc.


Great info.
Thank you.

rinki sharma says:

ek number ki tatti hai yeh to

Gene Reeves says:

Thank you for all your videos!

zena robinson says:

thanks for the video apart from the really annoying ad in the middle – AAARGH!! i bought one a while ago because it can shoot RAW, however, i can't open its RAW files on my aging computer running windows xp. can't upgrade my software on xp, (no problems with RAW from my canon 450d). i didn't realise that RAW was not a standard format, like jpeg. i'm furious, as the camera was ridiculously expensive. still trying to work out all its piddling little icons. i have problems with the movable focus point when out & about in sunny conditions, as i can't see where it is on the screen and i seem to frequently move it accidentally! (now saving up for a new laptop & software to get those RAW files going, so making this camera even more expensive to use!) i do like its portability and the fact that it has 2 attachments for a neck strap! (must try that focus & snap hint you mentioned – when i can see the screen!)

Mariana V says:

What cámara are you using to film this video? Thanks -Mariana from PA

James Spiller says:

Canon G7 X is over $550. The retail on the G9 X is $399 to $449.

Mr. Gas Giant says:

Why are you asking for sponsors

Jim McCarthy says:

Another excellent video! Congratulations on job well done.

Ahmed Raza says:

what is the difference between g7x and this one. why g7x is more expensive. they almost the same camera but why g7x is more famous than this one???

TyCollinsH says:

Canon has this on sale right now for $299. Should I pull the trigger??

Joe Beyene says:

I need advice. I want a camera that is good in low light with HD quality images and videos for vlogging. I have narrowed my choices down to 4 cameras: 1.Canon – PowerShot SX730 HS 20.3-Megapixel Digital Camera 2. Sony – DSC-HX400 20.4-Megapixel Digital Camera 3. Panasonic – LUMIX DC-ZS70 20.3-Megapixel Digital Camera 4. Canon – PowerShot G9 X Mark II 20.1-Megapixel Digital Camera. Can someone please help? Thanks

sin car says:

what is the high video mbps

Unknown Person says:

I have the s120 it shoots raw

Joseph Byrne says:

Ted, have you tried any astrophotography with it? I'm wondering if it can capture stars.

NoFap 365 says:

how is this compared to the RX100?

Marios Georgiou says:

Can you recommend a camera model for me?  I am a tour guide an looking for a compact camera with a movable viewing screen in order for me to take photos and short videos whilst hiking..  Many thanks

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