Canon PowerShot G7X Review

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Lisa Gade reviews the Canon PowerShot G7X compact camera that fits easily in the palm of your hand or a pocket. * Read our full written review here: . It competes with the Sony RX100 mk 3, and in fact uses the same excellent 1″ 20MP Sony BSI sensor. The Canon has a fast f/1.8-2.8, 24-100mm zoom lens that’s ideal for portraits with background separation (bokeh/depth of field). It has full auto and full manual controls, a tilting touch screen with touch focus, a pop-up flash and customizable lens ring. It can shoot 1080p video at 60fps AVCHD and it has image stabilization. Both image and video quality are very good with rich Canon colors and solid JEG rendering. It easily beats less expensive point and shoot thanks to the larger sensor and wide lens. If you’re looking for a higher end compact camera that fits in your pocket, it’s worth considering in addition to the Sony RX100 III if a long zoom and a touch screen appeal and you can live without an EVF. It lists for $699.


Matthew Swanson says:

Does this camera have a built-in HDR option?

KiiaH says:

Your videos are really helpful 🙏🏼

ThePorts77 says:

This camera has two major faults and it doesn't look like you have highlighted this.
The self timer locks the focus so you can not set it and then get in front of the camera as its already decided on what its focusing on!
The time lapse only allows 34 seconds of time laps! I tried this on two different sized cards.
Same on the mkII

squ izz says:

good review but you didn't say the price. lol.

Our Fire Life says:

We just posted our G7X ii review as well! My little man (2 months old) was my test subject. I can’t believe what a difference it made in quality!

rruummii says:

the cat is gorgeous :3

lucrezia chloe says:

does it have a mic input?

Scorpion mortal kombat says:

I want this camera I loved so much I want get it

regina yo says:

thank you for the review, this video helps so much 🙂

Reyya Omoii says:

ok so i thought it is cheap. but i found out its 2000+ MYR? im dead

jeni The Dogri vlogger says:

its prize ??? plzzz

Naira Ohba says:

Hi! Do you think this camera will do good in a concert?

Truly Asap says:

Whats your camera?

Madz Ph says:

my dream camera is g7x mark II huhuhu i hope this year i can get that camera

Zizāzf Firschtakër says:

It feels great when youre trying to find a review on a product, and MobileTechReview has your back!

Great channel with quality reviews!

mark jansen says:

Check out the Best Black Friday 2017 Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera Discounts and Deals

Kayla Stanshall says:

I should've watched these kind of videos before I got a camera because I just wanted to get a big camera😂

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