Canon Powershot G7X Review: The Best Point and Shoot?

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The Canon Powershot G7X is one of the higher end point and shoots out there and this is why you should look into purchasing it. It goes head to head with the RX100 and I guess you have to watch the video to find out why! If you enjoyed this video please subscribe!

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Ansuf Imran says:

What do you do with the audio

max larsen says:

What is the difference between this and the new? iii or ii ?

Cynthia Butare says:

Can you plug a microphone to it?

Mr Rman says:

It's good for unboxing aND stuff ? Right ?

Sabor Pati says:

Best review ever!!!!!

Gadget World says:

The camera have star mode?and it have video time lapas mode?

paige jensen says:

nice video. looking for a vlogging cam myself!

KraftDonut says:

Noice video! You earned a sub for some reason XD

Ilikeditthatwaytoo says:

Very helpful thank you

shaolin95 says:

stupid biased review. I own the g7x but the rx100 IV is vastly Superior in video and other areas. the only reason I kept the Canon is because I wanted the 100mm range.

Candela Sanchez says:

es buena la cámara si o no?? no entiendo un choto
PD: soy de Argentina 😂👍

AgarMiner says:

does it has auto focus?

Antonio Perez says:

where do i get that black and white tripod?

LoveBasketball11 says:

I need camera mostly for youtube and a little bit of photography so… panasonic lx100 vs panasonic fz1000 vs canon g7x mk ii vs sony a6000 vs canon m3 vs canon g3x

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