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This video is a review of the Canon G5x. This is a new top-of-the-line compact camera from Canon, but does it match up to the hype?

You can see footage from this camera in my 2 previous videos shot in Los Angeles. The Canon G5 X was the only camera used in both videos. All footage was shot with a flat color profile as described here. Post color grading was done in Davinci Resolve.



You can get the G5X here:

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Steve TQP says:

Greetings, Art of Photography! As a Fujifilm X-T3 landscape and product photographer, I am extremely pleased with the image quality I get from this camera, combined with the stellar, sharp Fujinon XF optics. However, I am researching a small, light "travel camera", as I don't want to expose my X-T3 system to the vagaries of landscape photography in a beach/ocean setting. For that very limited, occasional use, I was considering such cameras as this Canon G5X, Panasonic Lumix LX100 II, or Sony RX100V.  My MAIN criteria are image SHARPNESS and detail retention, and ability to retain such detail when possibly printed to 20×24". Plus, I'd like to keep total budget to under $1000. And, FYI, I'm a 100% stills guy, so don't shoot video. Based on this, which system would you recommend for maximum sharpness/compact form factor? Thank you!

Dennis Crowley says:

Hi Everyone! I just purchased my Canon G5X and have a question on how to set up the custom color mode like has been done here in the video. I set my camera to manual mode and then when I go to the custom color menu selection it is not highlighted so it won't allow me to pick it and make the changes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Michelle says:

I have this camera and don’t like it. It doesn’t take good photos during the day – dark cast, poor lighting. How do I increase exposure on this camera to make it brighter?

Mohamed Shaarawy محمد شعراوي says:

because of you sir i bought this camera and i'm really really enjoying it thanks to you of course 🙂

Douglas Mark says:

Great video! I bought this camera 1 year ago being the best point-and-shoot next only to the noisy/heavy DSLRs. I love Canon's functional features especially the flip-out and tilt screen that is also fabulous for shooting pictures and video above crowds. Agreed – no external mic!?

william lewis says:

Great video… unfortunately I found out about the G5 after i purchased my sony A6500… I really dont know what i would do without a mirrorless camera as well as a DSLR and sometimes i take the mirrorless and a film camera… Great stuff

Eduardo Deffanti says:

Is It dual pixel AF?

Mr T says:

Solid review. Thanks!

MightiestArm says:

G5x or the x100f?

Marcel Marquez says:

I am looking for a compact 1 inch sensor camera for vlogging, and the G5X is one of my options. The others were the Panasonic LX10 and Sony RX100 III. Both cameras widest angle is 24mm. However, in my research, I have found that both cameras crop the field of view in video mode and are not able to shoot at their widest angle of 24mm, even at 1080p. Is this the same on the G5X? Or is it able to shoot video at 24mm? Thanks

Dhini NL says:

I want this

Chris Guichet says:

I'm so mad at canon for not putting a mic jack on here. It would have been the perfect mobile video camera! They were so close, they already have the hot shoe for mounting a mic.

Dimitar Dimitrov says:

Compact is something which can fit perfectly in pocket. Otherwise its not compact. G7X mark II is good. If they make G7X mark III with sideways tiltable screen, mic input and 4K 24p 100 mbps that will be game changer in the industry. Also bigger battery.

Usa traveller says:

Well the camera is good, but what you "forget" to mention is that the viewfinder is crap! Go for the g7x instead.

L_C C says:

What was the program called you use for editing the colour?

Carl E says:

Thank for a great review! Your advice on the custom color settings really make a much more natural image. But how do you make the custom color settings stay? Every time I turn the camera off they go back to off?

Tien Tran says:

I'm looking to buy a compact camera that can take good pictures. I'm more into landscape, and I usually backpack or climb mountains. Would you recommend G5x or lumix LX10, Sony rx100 v ?

zena robinson says:

excellent, easy to follow review! BUT …. as with so many other camera reviews, it was biased towards video. i just want to take photos; am i in the minority these days? 😉

Nevets Nosnirc says:

Lumix FZ1000 recording can be started with the shutter button.☺

JPVideos says:

Better overall video quality, esp in low light. G5x or g7x mark II?

Nuggets Creative Videos says:

What is the compatible gimbal for this camera? Is zhiyun crane M or zhiyun v2 compatible?

NatureAndTech says:

So zoom is not by rotating the ring on the lens?

Diana Trieu says:

I love how extensive your reviews are of the camera! It really helps me decide which camera suits me before testing it out for myself. Keep up the good stuff!

Dr Dimento says:

Excellent review.  This video alone has convinced me to buy one.  As I ponder that move, what are your thoughts or inside information on the G5X-2 that supposedly is coming out soon?

Robert Marsh says:

Really interested in this camera especially as it has a great EVF but don't really do much video, so sadly this great review isn't much help to me.

Is there anyone that can give me pointers of this? My takeaway is I'd be wasting my money as this camera is really aimed at vloggers etc not those wanting a top quality still camera.

Doc Hallenstein says:

I'd like to see a focus group comment on the need for a "viewfinder". I have a G12. I bet I've looked through its viewfinder about 6 times. My opinion: Viewfinders are 20th century. What do you think?

Doc Hallenstein says:

I hope, too, that Canon will respond to our request for an external mic input. Is there a camera OS hack to convert the 1/8 mini to mic?

Matthew VanProoyen says:

"Shooting Kids"

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