Canon PowerShot Elph 190 IS: One Cool Thing

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The Canon PowerShot Elph 190 IS doesn’t offer as much as more expensive cameras, but it’s the best choice if you’re looking for an inexpensive point-and-shoot.

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goo eee says:

useless video, I wish I had the last few minutes back

CRdesignsZazzler says:

The point and shoot cameras are hardly for "old people" Dumb thing for the guy to say…

Angel Chea says:

Can I flip them off 🖕 I'm in my early 30s and I like that camera

jub8891 says:

CCD's actually have many benefits over CMOS, including no tearing for videos. The only reason CMOS succeeded was they were cheaper to mass produce.

hypur padre says:

the difference from your smartphone is the optical zoom – that is the key. and i am not old either. framing scenes with the optical zoom is better than using a digital zoom and losing resolution. the 10x is pretty good – will let you do a lot of cool outdoor stuff. also has a reasonable amount of adjustability in its manual mode. for its price, think it is a good value – and it fits in your pocket for hiking when weight matters. i am happy with it – and i usually use a "real" Nikon SLR.

boy asia says:

People on a budget who cant afford going beyond $200.00 to capture moments, memories, not for photographers.

kenneth Schroeder says:

It’s a nice starter

Blondie SL says:

I haven't tried the wireless as yet, but we bought the WiFi Canon printer and this is supposedly able to send prints to the printer directly.
We'll see.

Fred Pearson says:

So, your'e seriously telling me a phone designed to do a plethora of tasks (jack of all trades, master of none) with fewer megapixels, smaller sensor, and smart phone lens achieves better pics than a CAMERA designed solely to take photos and videos?

dboyforeiign says:

would this camera be good for recording videos / vlogs ?

Sharyn Fernandez says:

google said you displayed how to set macro but didn't see it!

islippry Ninja265 says:

I wanna get one cause my parents don't think I'm old enough for a phone👏👏😢

Imperiala Gomez says:

I was going to buy this Brand New at Best Buy for 160 and decided to go the pawn shop first….Lucky me! I found it for literally 20 bucks!! Basically new with case charger and all! So excited!

SherylAnnann PughpughPpugh says:

He didn't Say what the Model number camera it is

Linda Easley says:

Jackasses . Most smartphones cameras can't match the quality of. point and shoots. Smartphone cameras still can't zoom worth a $*** and on most point and shoots you can get 20 mega pixels .
There will always be a market for them among the old and young
Affordability is what its all about .
Not your age

Stuart Trenholm says:

That point and shoot if u know what your doing will always be better then your galaxy s8 if ur not a professional photography dont try to talk about something you dont understand

Profran Roach says:

I put in a 64MB Sd card; after 8 pics it was full; I called tech support, was told it was set to L which is the largest pic & good for printing out & best quality; has to change it to S to fit more pics on card.

Tyler Harris says:

100% agree!
I bought one to take pictures during my police academy (we can’t use phones). Thinking it would be “decent”
My GoPro 6 takes WAY better still shots. In all honesty it compares to an iPhone 4 camera. When it comes to still shots. Idk about videos

Sharyn Fernandez says:

I was looking for how to get to the Macro setting; I can't find the arrows as shown on Google; is it under menu? thanks,!

Sheeba Kitty says:

why would you hate to say grandparents…..? idiots
AND no I'm not a grandparent but it's really sad the disrespect and immaturity of millineals who wouldn't exist but for their grandparents. pitiful.

YOU lost me at hello….

Steve Willans says:

Good review, but they are totally out of touch with reality. In the business world where you need to take pictures (like an employee ID) you don't want the new-hire's picture on another employee's camera. We still use Point & Shoot for this. Also to take pictures of events the business is at.

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