Canon M6 Mark II review

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FuN connon camera!!!!!

Ayhan Çapan says:

When we use flashlight we can not use the Electronic view finder. So much unprofessional. My beautiful a6000 is still way better. 😊

Andria B says:

Is this better than the M5 ? .

Tofu San says:

I bought into the eos-m system because of its compactness. Now I'm upgrading from M100 to this M6 ii, feeling grateful to Canon for leaving us with the option of a adequate pocketable back-up camera without the bulkiness of EVF to complement my Sony A7R3. Moreover, I don't care for 24fps. I've been shooting 30fps all these years preferring the smoothness of it, unless a client requests 24p.

Olivier Fichant Films says:

Who needs a viewfinder on a camera in the 21st century?

WakeUpB4LifeEnds says:

4K videoquality of the Canon M6MK2 so bad and unsharp compared to Sony, Fuji?

Humans R Ants says:

That EVF puts me off it looks like it will catch on straps and can I fit it in my pocket with it on like I can with my m50.

paul green says:

Just bought one, im more than happy with it, i also use 1dx and 5dmkiii and 4, this has a place in anyones bag, great for street due to the small size, the 15-45 is sharp enough if you are not a pixel peeper, but add a 24-70 to it ,the older smaller sigma version ,and you are still invisable for street and great for landscape, not every camera is perfect in every way, but most people get a camera to take PHOTOS not to vlog, a dedicated video camera is far better at that, horses for courses, but all in all id say this camera is 90% perfect for all genres of photography and video so if you are thinking of buying one dont hold back its a great wee camera

The Baloch Vlogs says:

its bit expensive

norjik says:

Love this camera ❤

Skyler Hunter says:

A lot of vloggers use 1080p over 4K still. Reviewing both 4K and 1080P capabilities would be more effective. 4K is too sharp for vlogging, and most vloggers aren't exactly the prettiest things in the world lol. Every blemish pops in your viewers face with 4K.

ucruci2 says:

So you can't use an external flash and a EVF viewfinder at the same time. Bummer.

b.lew_photography says:

Your reasons for the removal of the built-in EVF are actually very credible which is why Canon opted to go the route it did. The M6 Mk.ii is basically a pocket rocket, it can be used as a pocket camera similar to a point and shoot for parents and their kids or vloggers, a potential starter cinema camera (again no EVF needed), while still packing the specs to be a viable sports and wildlife camera for those who actually care and need an EVF.

L CY says:

well, I just sold it.


Nice Video !

Aj Chuson says:

Just bought my own m6 mark2 but I can’t shoot photos nor video 🙁 can’t find a fix

sko19sko says:

Thank you for the video. I don't understand: you say that the camera does not make as sharp images as the rivals – but you compare this APS-C camera to the full frame A7 III?

Алексей Банников says:

Hi! What lens would you advise mostly for indoor videos in a a faric store. No bokeh needed. I'd like the image to be bright and sharp. Thank you

808JOKER says:

Is ok for affordable digital camera, wanna buy better vlog go buy C200

不思議のトマ says:

Go with the mark I if you need something for vlog it is damn cheap second hand

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