Canon M50 vs Sony A6000! Budget YouTube Camera Battle!

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Today we’re checking out the Canon M50 vs the Sony A6000! Both are awesome content creation cameras but which one is the best? I think both are awesome and have a place in creation but one is a little bit easier in my opinion.

Canon M50

Sony A6000

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max steel says:

color science looks good on canon

gameplay tamil says:

Sony alpha 6000

Aktivly on the road says:

Thank you for this video.
I have been traveling around the country for 3 years fulltime in my RV.
I take pictures and videos with my cellphone and post them to Facebook. I want to learn how to edit videos and get a YouTube channel going. I have been looking for a really good moderately priced camera. This looks great. Now I have to learn how to edit videos. Thank you. …..🙂

David Osorio Castro says:

What about photography-wise? This may be good info for vloggers but I’m not into that. Just want to make decent photos, which one comes out best?

Roni Rocks says:

He forgets that the a6k is a 4 year old (5 now) camera. Why does he try so hard to bash on it? Obviously picking favorites here. M50 was made for vlogs as to why there’s mic inputs. A6k was the intro to emount, better focus detection and low light environments. But he didn’t say nothing positive about the a6k 🙂

ProGenji says:

Also fujifilm XT100 best

ProGenji says:

The M50 is cheaper where i live… €580 A6000 vs €550 M50

On 2 Play says:

Now, this is a review

experos says:

hello, to make cinematic videos which is better the m50 or the a6000?

Kanasu says:

Dude you can just connect the a6000 to your smartphone through wifi…why you need all the fancy setups ??

Jonae KyOshee says:

Thank you for this wish I could afford

PhyZeik says:

The a6000 doesn’t have a mic input or a flip screen for vlogging.

The canon doesn’t do good in low light and the sensors have auto detect and eye detect so it’s meant for portraits.

The Sony definitely has better sensors for landscapes.

That being said, save your money and get the a6500. Better sensors, mic input, and flip screen

Rafi makeup says:

Thank for your video

Arvin Ramos says:

Hi there all..if u will give me suggestion which has vetter image quality between these two cams?
70percent image 30percent video was the ratio. To me.which is better? Thankyou

Tomas Av. says:

Just buy samsung nx500. Solves all problems.

Mind Fresh says:

Hi and greetings from Greece. You think the Canon M50 or the A6000 is a better camera for photography to buy?

Mahdi Mousavi says:

M50 😎😎
Habe heute eine gekauft😍😍

Sunny So Cal says:

I’ll most likely go with the M50 because I previously had a sony a6000 amazing camera but canon UI is easier to navigate the flip out screen is a plus & canon has cheaper lenses hands down unless you go with off brand companies you won’t be buying a sony lens every week or 2 i can promise that much unless you go with sigma as stated good lenses but the new digic 8 processor sounds interesting definitely going with m50 & Sony hasn’t dropped a firmware update for a6000 in a while…..

Mark Joseph Ordaniel says:

Best choice for music recording and some sort of travel photo?

LiveKaoss says:

Sony makes a special mick that fits in the flash socket

Наши Гарняши says:

Sony ze best!

GAMA gamer says:

I just want for clicking photos and I don't need for video….which one will be better?

Jesse K says:

Is the a 6000 worth 300 used ?


Can anyone do this videos who are professional all of the videos shot by both the cameras by you are shitty and you don't really know about videography. If you only do family videos than why are you showing the video who wants to become a professional videographer or filmmaker. I think vlogging has taken over filmmaking

DF VLOG says:

Super buddy

Yo man



Petr Dolanský says:

omg i dont care about f*ing video.. i want it for taking pictures, u know its main purpose

Irfan nur rohman says:

easy to use or image quality? wich one you need? m50 easy for vlogging, a6000 1000x good image quality for photography specialy for low light.

matthew bugeja says:

Canon m50 vs Panasonic g7?

박정우 says:

Knock, Knock, the 6400 is comin'

Jeffery Cummins says:

Can you put a mic input via USB adapter for the a6000?

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