CANON M50 vs G7X Mark ii | Comparing Two Of The BEST VLOGGING CAMERAS in 2018

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It’s time to put my two vlogging cameras to the test! And we’re doing it in the beautiful surroundings of Ushguli, Georgia.


I bought the Canon M50 just under a month ago and so far I’m LOVING it. But, given the M50 and G7X ii are very similar in price and specs, I wanted to compare them side by side.

So that’s what I did on our recent road trip to Ushguli, Georgia! In this travel vlog, I’ll show you some of the main differences between the Canon M50 and the Canon G7X Mark 2, including low light performance, stabilisation, timelapse and more.

Although there are a lot of similarities between the Canon G7X ii and the M50, the autofocus and the audio quality are noticeably better on the M50. They’re the two main reasons why I upgraded to the M50 in the first place and were totally worth it. Having an external mic input has been so good!

Whether you’re thinking of starting a YouTube channel or have been vlogging for a while like me, the Canon M50 and the G7X Mark ii are two of the best Canon cameras for vlogging. There’s a lot of similarities between the two and both are great beginner vlogging cameras.

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Jodie Dewberry says:

As always, thanks for watching! If you're interested, here's a list of all the blogging and vlogging gear I currently use:

And here are the two cameras:
Canon G7X ii:
Canon M50:

Pamela Mars says:

Your eyes are so beautiful!!

Isobel Slater says:

I have the Canon M50 at the moment for my channel videos, I was looking at buying the Canon G7 X as my vlogging camera as it is smaller and you don't need to carry a lens. Is it worth buying one or shall I just stick with my M50 for vlogging?

Jazzy Patt says:

Your eyes are hypnotizing 🙂

MZ soufiane says:

Thanks a lot and I would like to invite you to Korea to had some vlogs together

Marjorie Lazo says:

what lense did you use for the m50?

Po Is Fun says:

Which one has better video stabilization system? Both have auto video focus????

造物主 says:


MrsPazStyle says:

Thank you for thisI just ordered this camera in white😍 I’m so excited for it to arrive & start using it for my videos!♥️

Joyce Lerum says:

Thank you for this review. It helped me decide which one should I buy.

Abroad Reach Travel says:

Thank you for the great side by side! This was so helpful!!

Mr. Alex says:

Very nice. One question. I noticed a picture distortion at 5:09. This may be due to the use of gimbal?

P R says:

Still nothing is making me part with g7xii. Size and convenience is a biggie.

Optical Power says:

GREAT JOB my friend ! YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS GREAT !!! JUST KEEP GOING !!!! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF MORE ! 🙂 l use the same camera too watch my Videos 😉

Bart Boeckler says:

First of all you're a fox! Comparing a 1" sensor to and apsc sensor is of course a given….So as they are different beasts….you are still a fox 🙂

philip setiawan says:

What would u recommend if someone need camera for vlog while walking.. between m50 and g7x ii

Dennis Sanders says:

Based on this review I'll go ahead and keep my g7x. I honestly like the lighting of it better in low-light situations and in that shaky video test it seemed like it was performing better thanks for helping those of us make a decision

Dimong Vlogs says:

Fall in love with you

Danji ASMR Český Yoga says:

this video made me decide to stick to my 80d still 😀

Liah Yoo says:

Thank you so much for taking your time to review both of these! Made my decision making easier 💋

Travelers Paradise says:

Actually both cameras cost about the same right now on Amazon. Love the look of the M50. Color looks much better!

ElvenTime says:

Great vlog test, has everything I needed to know and see! I'm looking for new gear for vlogs in the future and this will really help me make a decision!

Vanessa Kanbi says:

hey! thanks for this video – what lens do you have on it? x

Marianna Vaglica says:

very good job

Eli Eli says:

what microphone do you used?

Eli Eli says:

thanks help to decide what camara to buy. I liked so much this video.

lee gar says:

good video, stunning scenery. Beauty you killed me with those beautiful eyes

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