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Hi there!
I hope this video was useful to you.
Here’s the link for the specs :

AMAZON LINK (not affiliate) :


Siddhant Borah says:

Technical Kasturi

Parvez Khan says:

Congratulation dear . camera is so beautiful looking like you ..

Millie Dobson says:

Your so under-rated!!

Pragya Ray says:

This lil camera in the end,made me nostalgic about having mine 🥺🥺 also the excitement with which you were unboxing is so much like me 😭💓💓💓💓

Ashutosh Sikdar says:

technical Devi ji 😁😁😁😁
btw loved ur camera ❤️ n unboxing as well 😊

Priyanka Sarmah says:

Oh ys I remember that camera 📸 ♥️♥️Kasturi.. N ur doing fantastic work baby, I love it ♥️♥️

shobhit saluja says:

Hahah, u so dope.🌻😍

Bhabana Das says:

Darun video

Riya Baruah says:


Rakshya Shrestha says:

Am I the only one who noticed bubblegum in your mouth🤣Hehe anyways you always come up with a nice content for your channel sissy🥰 I always love watching your videos😋 How much does it cost for the whole camera and lens in India?

Gonk Gaming says:

Still have the digicam n works just fine ..

Hirokh Kalita says:

Oh yes!! Am going for a search mission.. Even I had one like that in black..

Rayma Kalita says:

This was really helpful ❤imma buy one soon too✌🏼

Gurleen Dhillon says:

I waited longggg for your video . You sound so cute in the video . You rock it always my girllll ❤️❤️😘😘

Raktim Raaj Dass says:

Who on earth finds a camera cute eh? 🤷🏻

StorySketcher says:

Ki cute ufff😂😂😂 some light beeped bule. Aayooo

Ritanjali Deka says:

Yaayyy di,you got your cam…you so pretty as always 🙈🙈
And the cam is sooo cuteee🥺🥺 even m gonna get one now😭😭😭

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