Canon M100 – Review and Sample Photos

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We take a look at the new Canon M100, the newest entry-level option in Canon’s mirrorless lineup.
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Sean_B says:

OIS for video shooting? What's the video bitrate? I wish they would have put 2.7K into the system instead of just 1080. It's a good mix between 4K and 1080.

Rapunzel Kraut says:

Is there a slot for an external microphone?

Тарас Козак says:

Have been using Canon EOS M100 for over a year now. I can say that that it makes pretty dark pictures and the colours really suck. I believe the author used a Photoshop here to add some contrast/light to the pictures or used other, then kit lens 15-45mm which mostly suck.


Is this good for vlogging

Willy Mulia Saputra says:

Please tell me where you shop that grip ??

sephiroth says:

Sorry to comment out of the content..i saw some of the sample videos n i was like oh that looks like in Melbourne cbd..but nahh, he doesn't have the accent..then at the come u sound American? Used to stay there for 2 years..miss the place, it won't be the same again these days.. although i saw some hijabis safely gleefully walking there but.. it's different now

Katch Francisco says:

i got 1.. and i can say im so satisfied with this camera..and i love it..i do have vlog also in my channel its unboxing canon m100 its really so good..

Saaim Ali says:

I have the Canon SL2 and I love it with all my heart. The problem is I'm weak and when I vlog of hold the camera for too long if becomes heavy. I want to still have my SL2 but I also am in the market to get a smaller or compact camera that has great video quality. So good in low lighting with lack of pixalation showing. The g7x looks good but I heard it overheats and that's a real deal breaker for me. I'm also glad that this has the ability to change lense.

željko šimić says:

Where did you bought your shirt? It is awesome.

Mubeen kp says:

Stupid for money

TS50ER says:

Donny, who loved bowlin…. err, photography.

Luiz Henrique says:

Oh…. This hair… Got me excited…

Katie Max says:

Camera novice here…how is it different from camera smartphones (those with high camera specs)?

Dipankar Patil says:

What about this camera for beginner? Is it worth ?

theswissness says:

glad that it works with shmartphones 1:37

Alexandre Campinas says:

Hey! Everytime you choose creative mode on top dial (photo icon), the camera uses the last mode (P, M,A..) or you need to select?

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