Canon M10 review – better VLOGGING camera? | G7x comparison

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Canon EOS M10 is a small mirorrless camera with exchangable lenses. So it makes it very enticing to look at it as the perfect vlogging camera. But is it really? In this review i will compare the Canon M10 to my 2 years old Canon G7x (mark I) a very popular camera among vloggers.

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Raja Nouman says:

can we add mic or tripod?

jeffmurnahan says:

Does it have a mic jack?

BD King says:

Nice review keep doing that nice work! By the way you are beautifull!

tim Meyer says:

Love your work. Keep it up 👍 you are gorgeous 😍

Maikell Dardanella says:

but i like you…🍼🐐😂

Andrej Špec says:

Zivjo, super si povedala. Kako je pa s priklopom mikrofona?

Lajos Bursics says:

This girl is beautifu

Ahmed A. Helmy says:

Honestly, I'm checking this because carrying a small camera with OK sensor size is a must nowadays, can't carry my EOS 1D Mark IV and Lenses while having 2 babies aroud so a small but decent/OK camera could do the job


Wow thanks for the review ! Maybe. I should buy m10 it's rlly nice camera


hahaha!! So cute 2:05 :)))

AboValdez says:

Witch one is dust proof?

francis wayne modequillo says:

Nice review…

Sam's Little World says:

Which is better? Im going to buy one of this please i need your opinion ☹️

painters Tubes magazine says:

Different people use different vids. Not everyone is vblogging, walking about etc. Mounted on tripod it is perfect. So all the critic is not applicable. Manual focus is stable when using on a tripod. The processor is super. So a review needs to be broad for users. Not narrow for your type of vblogging.

coolasianbro says:

Really liked Alvaro Soler – Sofia, can be heard on this video in the background at some point on this video. Im interested in m10 and a5100…which one to get?

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