Canon Ixus 65 Versus Canon Ixus 60

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Theoretically it is difficult to set these two cameras apart. They both discuss the same 6MP CCD sensing unit, DIGIC II photo processor and 16 capturing modes. Regarding the optics, the two Canon electronic cameras are identical. Their optical zoom is 3X and the digital zoom is 4X. Some other common characteristics of the 2 gadgets feature the TTL Auto-focus and the 9-point AiAF/1-point AF concentrating approach at the.

Basically, both electronic cameras are the same with 2 crucial distinctions.

The first major difference between the two video cameras is the display. The display of the Canon IXUS 65 is a 3 inch LCD. The IXUS 60 is suited with a 2.5 inch screen (therefore is the other existing Ixus variety). That extra half inch could make a huge difference especially if you want to discuss your photos with buddies or you eyesight is not best and locate it challenging to check out pictures on smaller sized displays.

The 2nd much less noticeable but crucial difference is the physical body building. The Ixus 60 has a steel body, while the Ixus 65 is made out of tough plastic. If you are able to address your electronic camera with care this should not make much difference. If on the other hand you often drop your camera frequently, or don’t such as using a safety situation, the plastic physical body of the Ixus 65 might deteriorate rapidly, so the Ixus 60 may provide a more tough option.

The screen size and body product construction cause the refined distinction in the measurements of the two cameras. The Ixus 65’s dimensions, specifically 90.3 x 20.2 x 56.8 mm (W x D x H), somewhat vary from the dimensions of the Ixus 60 (86.0 x 21.7 x 53.5 mm). As you could notice, the Ixus 65 is slightly bigger and greater to fit the 3 inch LCD screen. As for their weight, the Ixus 65 considers 140g, and the Ixus 60 analyzes 145g. This little weight distinction is due to the metal construction and is essentially undetectable.

The larger screen of the Ixus 65 comes with an economic price. Its Australian advised market price is AU$ 529.00, which is $80 more than the Ixus 60 (priced at AU$ 449). In our viewpoint, unless you particularly require a larger display, you would be lowest off acquiring the Ixus 60 and put the savings to the acquisition of a big memory card.



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