Canon G7X Unboxing + Demo! Allisa Rose

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Hey guys!

Thought I would share this with you because it was something I am very excited about!

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Music used:
1)Morning Sun by Nicolai Heidlas Music
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2) Work- Rihanna ft. Drake

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Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X
Camera: Canon 70D


LifeAsDaron says:

STILL WATCHING IN 2019. Can I please get a YouTube shoutout ?!

jane enciso says:

Give it to me pls

Josalyn Maria says:

I just started a new channel so this helped me so much I think I might be getting one soon

jos trup says:

Hi Allisa , how much megapixel this camera has ? and i want to know , from 11 feb. 2016 till now , which camera do you have now for your video´s ?

yong everything says:

Your so pretty….

Kc Crazy says:

The cat was my favorite part

Mariithekid says:

Great video because i was looking into getting that camera and you helped with some nice info and visu

TMN -Vlog says:

hello love me

Iampolite K says:

I immediately sub to you when you stick the tape on ur hair 😂😂

Garret Ignacio says:

Please 🙏🏻🙏🏻 subscribe my channel | garret ignacio thanks .

Patrick Skar says:

Cat stretches – 2:48

Joe Framo says:

I find you a fascinating your video was so good you're so cute thank you for sharing the great camera I hope you enjoy it it's really beautiful bye from Atlanta Georgia

Steph Beauty Artistry says:

Can’t wait to buy this camera for vlogin

Yuliya Maleva says:

Крутое видео. Жаль субтитров на русском нет.

sindhyar Studio says:

I wish I can get this camera 📷 ❤️❤️❤️

Greg Refil Vlog says:

Sub to sub small youtuber here

Subscribe to me for no Reason says:

I have one it’s not heavy it’s lite compared to other cameras

Jessica Graham says:

I really want this camera but it’s expensive😭

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