Canon G7X Mark ii Review

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Canon G7X Mark ii Hands On Review
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Canon G7 X Mark II Video Test
Canon Powershot G7x Mark II Unboxing

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Martin Johnson says:

Great video. Review videos like this are the best. I watched so many since the G7X Mark ii came out. Until I finally I decided to go ahead and get it for my daily vlogging needs. I’m happy with it. Love the bright colors but the sound could be a little better in noisy environments. Thanks for this video!

The DUMA Family says:

Our channel is growing day by day, right now we shoot everything on our phones but thinking about investing in our first camera as a treat to our viewers, what are your thoughts on the G7x Mark ii ? LIKE👍🏾 this comment if you like the Canon g7x! and think its still worth it in 2019!

Brinya Bain says:

I just tried mine on my Channel and it’s amazing! Awesome quality ☺️

Karnel Singh says:

Have u tried to record by that canon for long time maybe for an hour without interuption by the heat lense??because other product did it after long recording the camera just inform that the temperature was increasing and just turn off suddenly,,it was so bad since we will lost the moment..
Btw wat a nice vid u made dude..such a lot of informations u gave..thanks anyway..👍🏻

LUKE wheatley says:

Great camera, I like using it on 24mm the most, but will go out to 100mm

ThePorts77 says:

This camera has two major faults and it doesn't look like you have highlighted this.
The self timer locks the focus so you can not set it and then get in front of the camera as its already decided on what its focusing on!
The time lapse only allows 34 seconds of time laps! I tried this on two different sized cards.

epiphoney says:

I figure it's 35mm equivalent is a 24-100mm/f4.9-7.6 lens. You can get a used 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 lens for $100. A lens that is f4 at all lengths is much more expensive. The background blur seems above average for a point and shoot, taking a picture of my hand in the store, lol. In fact the blur seems very similar to an a6000 with the kit lens.

RoyalTeeZone says:

How is the audio quality on the camera when you record outdoors and have you discovered any ways to external mic it for better quality?

Felix Brain says:

I just got mine yesterday! and I am so in love with it!

elizabeth laurenn says:

Is there a quicker way to import pics/ videos without having to use the WiFi button on the side? When trying to upload videos on my laptop it takes a long time or sometimes stops midway and disconnects to the WiFi :/


Thanks for the review!!

Sebassie says:

You're chill… you say "lloowwwww-LITE" in a funny but good way

Sam's Little World says:

Tomorrow me and my mom will go to a camera shop which is better the eos10 or this one? Need you opinion notice me please

Dennise Azura says:

Can you advice me which one is better between g7x ii or EOS 100? I don't do vlog so I'll use it for taking pictures when I'm travelling. Thanks in advance.

Milo B7 says:

Honestly an amazing video! I was looking for a good camera that was pocket sized. and this video helped me a lot! YouTUbe should support smaller creators like you. Keep up the amazing work!😊

its. cokieemonsta. says:

Wonderful review… good review for beginners so thank you… ❤️

Le Vo Kim Tieng says:

Cute voice !


This guy needs 5 million subscribers

sclogse1 says:

Thanks for this, but a new feature for Canon point and shoots is like an old feature for Fuju point and shoots. Exposure control for video. That's a very important feature. So, am I right that this camera has exposure control for video? (I don't mean auto, I mean manual) My old Fuji had up to (in 1/3 stops) plus 2 and minus 2 stops for video. At the same time on the Fuji, it would still adjust for exposure as if it was only in auto exposure, but the manual adds onto the auto. Very handy.

Stone W says:

Does this camera have black and white and sepia options?

Kristiina Lang says:

Is it possible to live stream with it?

Sir_Dawson says:

Maybe change your style of talking . . . I found it hard to concentrate on what you were saying . . .

Wayne Haylett says:

Going to Europe on holiday , just bought the Canon G7xMk2… I also have my note 8. Should I take my Gopro hero 5 with me?

Uroosha Salman says:

Very VERY helpful

alex. 008 says:

I like this camera. I love the Reviews

EM M says:

Is this a great camera for good quality photoshoots, whAts some small cameras that can do that?

Bunfoo 11 says:

Could anyone let me know if the zoom on my G7x sounds right to you? I think it has a mechanical issue but need to confirm. Thx

The gEiorgei says:

I have a Samsung s8 should I buy this?

Thrifty Shades of Greene says: what's DSLR & HOW do I post what I videod on the camera to the internetYT/IG/ANYWHERE with this(I dnt have a laptop at the moment I need a new motherboard)& no…if u can't already tell I'm not in the least tech or phone savvy…I am trying to be.

Grotux Gaming says:

Right now it is on sale on their website for 550 new or 499 refurbed.

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