Canon G7X Mark II REVIEW After One Year of Regular Use (+ Raw Test Sample Footage)

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Canon G7X ii Pricing & Details:

This is my personal review of the Canon g7x ii mirrorless point and shoot camera after about a year of regular use and casual vlogging.

Update 2019: Still maintain everything I said in this review except in retrospect I really wish the built in mic was better. The autofocus noise is the biggest downside to it.


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Justin Odisho says:

Thanks for watching! Follow me on Instagram @JustinOdisho

Raymond Ramos says:

hi! u thunk its still advisable to get this camera now? or theres better from this model?

BeauGoesPro says:

Just bought a G7x ii as opposed to a DSLR, i hope the choice is worth it for a more portable camera! shame about the mic import.

josephseason says:

1 year later, are you still recommending it or are you recommending something else?

Destro7000 says:

What did you upgrade to after this?

boy panot says:

Thank you for explaining

Dennis Sanders says:

I was considering purchasing this camera but now that it's several years old or at least a couple years old I'm feeling like I can get something better for around the same price range? if you guys know of any cameras that are newer than this one that might be a little bit better but still within the same price range please let me know.

Battle & Brandon Wright says:

great info thinking about buying this camera

Cataccea _RBLX says:

Can you add your own microphone to it? Is there a plug?

narekoh says:

Just got mine today it’s so hard to use !

Pich Panha says:

I subscribed after I saw his teeth 😍😂

ThePorts77 says:

Why have you not mention that this camera has two major faults?
The self timer locks the focus so you can not set it and then get in front of the camera as its already decided on what its focusing on!
The time lapse only allows 34 seconds of time laps! I tried this on two different sized cards.

Alan H says:

im scared to film myself as my teeth not like urs

Matthew Armbruster says:

Jesus loves you guys, let me know if you have any questions about God

Food manipulator says:

So the mic is good ??

George Beck says:

Thanks Justin that was good info. you have nice teeth the camera showed then is good detail.

Sharon Chy says:

Very helpful. Thank you♥️🤝

Paige Elizabeth says:

No way! Totally off topic but do you go to Oakland? Or did you?

Tootsie rolling says:

I really hope I get this camera for Christmas! my channel is really starting to take off 🙂

Ying Yang says:

Hey Justin can you tell me if I would need extra lighting lets say while shooting indoors? If so what would you recommend?

Maddie Wilson says:

thank you!!! I never really trust reviews but this one was awesome and I really got a good idea of the cameras capabilities now!

Ibn Battuta says:

you have a nice white teeth

Joseph Ro says:

great review, but those teeth though… 10/10

Lincoln Robinson says:

Suggest the title should be vlogging related as you didn’t go into still photography much

meh meh says:

Does it only have mp4 video format?

Yoshi Todo says:

So I have a question! What kind of toothpaste do you use?

Resin Install says:

your teeth are white lad

Prepare Hmong Christian Go Heaven says:

It not a one year review, more like a just months review.

Jacob Roberts says:

Justin, can I interest you in doing a video discussing the features and benefits you get as you incrementally go up in price for cameras and for lenses? What do you lose as you go down in price? Start with something priced around the Canon ELPH type cameras, and go up until you get to prosumer grade cameras. This will benefit those of us who are trying to figure out what camera and lens will best suit our needs. Thanks.

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