Canon G7X Mark II Hands-On Field Test

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The original Canon G7X developed quite a following, but Chris Niccolls was never a huge fan. Now the new G7X Mark II has arrived, and it addresses nearly every issue we had with the original. Is this the new king of the compact 1″ camera market? Chris and Jordan Drake take a look.

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Shot and edited by Jordan Drake
Shot on the GH4 with V-Log L

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couchpuhtater says:

You don’t need a viewfinder if you’re vlogging.

Youtuber Hemant says:

Your Camera Name please bro reply

Crazy Reaction says:

which camera use your videos

Mister Q says:

hey love your vid man! do check out my vid about g7x canon mark 2 can? really appreciate it if you do thanks

Jay Suban says:

Thanks The Camera Store TV. Finally a professional review. There’s a lot of trash unboxing and reviews(?) of the G7X mark ii but this one is the legit. Always a fan of this channel. Thumbs up.

Ladies says:

lol that Canadian accent

Optical Power says:


kader ,from Optical Power youtube channel … Las Vegas

Max Evans says:

Please check out the review on my wife's channel, also our family vlog, if you like it, please hit the subscribe button

Stephanie Billy says:

How is the battery life on it.

Ani Vardanyan says:

So i have this camera but for some reason im not able to recrod a video with the soft skin focus. The soft skin only works when taking a photo but not video. Does anyone else have this problem? And is there a way to fix it? UGH

Karchhi Queen Foodie Mummy says:

Great Video I have 2 questions regarding the audio – I am a food Vlogger and most of my videos are shot in very high background noise in India (Traffic+people). Presently I shoot with my Samsung phone but have almost finalized the Canon G7X Mark II but am a little concerned that in the absence of External MIC – how will it fare in Audio – will it suppress the background noise – will it record good audio even if I am standing at a distance (let's say 10 feet or so)? – especially in high background noise? Second question is regarding recording audio with smartphone: I do my editing on filmora. If I record audio separately then it will be a very tedious job to lip sync with video – let us say if I mute my video and use smartphone recorded voice-over. Filmora's auto-ripple works only with either detached audios or voiceover done by filmora itself. if i cut a few mini portions of my video then how do I match the voice with video ??

Steven Ho says:

So, how about Canon G7X ii vs Sony HX99?

vito mirr says:

Love your videos mate. Good stuff.

Bill Chan says:

Chris can be a movie star.

bjh1230 says:

Struggling with choosing between this and the ZS100. For photo quality which do you recommend?

Juan Gabriel says:

5:10 Bill Gates😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅

Gina Pearson says:

It’s 2 years later. Do u feel differently?

iskender tarçın says:

the richs chooses the sony vlog camera
the poor chooses the canon vlog camera
fools chooses lumix vlog camera

Raymond Ramos says:

hi! do u guys think that buying this camera now advisable???

David Lumbre says:

Biased opinion 🙅🏻‍♂️ unsubscribed


Does it have external microphone jack?

RufusLeakin says:

In January 2019, the Canon G7X lll is supposed to be announced. There will be an upgraded processor, Digic 8, and more resolution, 24 megapixels. No viewfinder, but the other upgrades are a plus. It is supposed to sell for $799.

Brinya says:

I just tried mine on my Channel and it’s amazing! Awesome quality ☺️

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